Crystal Meditations for Quarantine

March 29, 2020 0 Comments

Crystal Meditations for Quarantine

Crystal Meditations for Quarantine

A Collaboration with LVXTENEBRAS  and J. Southern Studio 

Art by Jean “Moebius” Giraud⁠


Crystals carry a lot of power. These earthen tokens of sacred geometry are said to hold the energies and secrets or the universe, and can also be charged, like any talisman, to hold the intention of the practitioner or wearer. These sparkling gem treasures are gifts to us from the Earth and can be used in a plethora of ways, and since the collective world is experiencing a vibrational and energetic shift due to quarantine and the Covid-19 pandemic, many are searching for new ways to ground and center themselves while dealing with the emotional, physical, and financial upheaval that comes with this crisis. Below are three short crystal meditations you can practice at home. If you are in need of crystals, please visit our shop here to find ones that call to you!


Crystal Clarity for Divination, Guidance, and Insight

Did you know that you can gaze into ANY crystal for insight? Scrying is a technique used to visually seek answers and clues to the questions we have via gazing into objects like fire, water, smoke, and crystals. It  can be done in a myriad of ways (more on that here), but for now here is a scrying ritual that can be practiced by anyone, any time.

  • Pick one intuitively that calls to you. Labradorite is a good choice for this work if you are not sure which to pick. 
  • Hold it in your hand or place it before you on a table. Try to sense, feel and connect with it's vibrational field.
  • Then stare into it and let your eyes or peripheral vision blur out. You can ask it questions, or just ask it what it would like to show you.
  • Be patient: your answers will be revealed...
Look Out For:
  • If you see something dark or unpleasant, just try to observe without judgement. This is being shown to you to help you see what's hiding in your shadow self. This is where old emotional patterns are stored which manifest as blockages or negative repeating patterns, usually in career or love. All you need to do is acknowledge what you're being shown, and then ask your guides/higher self/whatever higher power you work with to help you heal the emotions connected with the vision. These type of visions usually occur with stones like obsidian, tourmaline, and labradorite. Lumurian quartz often reveals past life issues. 
  • If you see bright lights, angelic beings, stars, or cosmic visions you're being shown your guides and cosmic allies. These are beings and realms which you can call upon at anytime for healing, strength and guidance. Often revealed with celestite, apophyllite, and blue lace agate
  • if you see nature or nature spirits like faires, elves, or trolls you are being called to connect more deeply with Earth Magic, and the light vibrations which emanate in parallel unseen dimensions of Earth. This often shows up with moss agate, included quartz, and Peridot.
  • You may not see anything, but receive messages in the form of intuitive thoughts. 
  • You may hear new voices which are simply messages from guides, and dimensions of yourself. 
  • Write down any messages you get, and if they do not make sense, allow for them to be messages that transform you on a subconscious level. OR, try looking them up symbolically like you would interpret a dream. It's recommended to keep a running journal of these experiences with will serve as synchronistic bread crumbs leading you along your magical and spiritual journey. 


    Simple Time and Perception Ritual:

    Nature carries its own design, and while humans are animals, we also carry a creative consciousness that seeks to find new lines, new shapes, and new contrasts. We as humans use these concepts of line, shape, and contrast to organize our realities and perceptions to better understand our world. Did you know that every time we experience something new, our experience of time slows down? This is because Time is also a design (aka an illusion) used to understand our place in the universe, and through real experiences more of our brain’s energy is needed to process new information.

    As Magicians we practice to master ALL of the illusions of the world in order to harness them for our desired outcome. Therefore, Time is a great illusion or sensory perception, and can be played with to our advantage.

    • Start with a quartz crystal renowned for it's association with time.
    • Take a walk outside, and try to find shapes, colors, objects you've never seen.
    • You will really have to take your time and observe slowly or you will see things the way you always do.
    • To go deeper into your exploration take 2 separate walks on the same route. One with the intention of seeing new things, and one with the simple intention of getting from A to B. ⁠
    • You can practice this as often as you like, and be sure to carry the same quartz with you on these magical walks. As record keepers, crystals also record the vibrations of all experiences you have with them. This means that your crystal becomes an amplifier of your magical manipulation. 
    • The more you attune your crystal to alternative experiences of time and perception, the more powerful of a tool it will be for you.
    • When you are feeling like you need more time, or something is taking too long, get out your quartz and carry it with you or place it on your altar with the intention of expanding or contracting your perception time. This will teach you much about your power to shift reality through taking control of your own perspectives. 


      Channeling Love and Understanding for the Self and Community

      If you find yourself experiencing depression, frustration, anger, or mental blockages, focussing on the integration of love and understanding into your perspective may help overcome any day- to- day negativity that many feel so overwhelmed by. 

      • Find three or four crystals that represent understanding, love, patience, tranquility, or any stones that you find yourself called to for calming. Some good choices are rose quartz, amethyst, blue lace agate, selenite, and fluorite.
      • Place the crystals in a glass, ceramic, metal, or wooden bowl of warm, salted water to cleanse them of any stagnant energies left behind. Add essential oils if you like (we recommend lavender, eucalyptus, or rosemary). Let them sit in their bath until your intuition tells you they are cleansed.
      • Let them air dry in the sun, capturing and charging them with the healing warmth of the sun's rays.
      • Find a comfortable spot, and sit cross legged with your crystals in front of you. Or you may lie down with the crystals on your abdomen.
      • Next, look at each crystal and memorize to the best of your ability the appearance of each one: what it's inclusions looks like, the colors, transparency, patterns, and textures etc.
      • Next, pick up each crystal one by one, and remembering what it looks like, mentally tie your intentions and wishes to it. If you pick up a rose quartz, for example, visually see the rock in your hand, then imagine yourself being filled with love and tenderness for yourself and for humankind. This is charging the crystal with your intention. 
      • Once you have completed charging your crystalline talisman, put it down and pick up the next crystal that mirrors an intention you wish you enhance and charge. Follow the step above for each crystal.
      • After you've completed charging each crystal, burn some palo santo or lavender to welcome positivity and guidance, and to seal in your work.
      • Carry your crystals with you n your purse, pocket, talisman pouch, or keep them in a common area or next to your bed where they can be seen regularly.


      PRO TIP

      Some of our Crystal Kits may already have the help you need:

      • Balance and Grounding for taming a mind that tends to wander to the future or past more than desired. Great for Air and Fire signs.
      • Manifestation and Divination for those seeking guidance and help, and for those wishing to manifest desires into reality, This may be good for those who cant seem to get out of the muddled- down reality of staying at home, or who may need help seeking guidance as what to do after this is over. I think Earth signs may benefit from this collection.
      • Strength and Power to help with resilience, creativity, and upholding a strong foundation. Another good choice for those letting their suspicions and uncertainty get the best of them. Water and Air signs may find this helpful.






      Sera Timms of LVXTENEBRAS is Gemini twin sister, occult and esoteric lover and practitioner, musician, and wise woman from California. Read more about her here, and from her on our blog, Esoteric Insights.


      Read more on astrology, horoscopes, occultism, magick & ritual on our blog, Esoteric Insights!

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