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COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS: Total Lunar Eclipse + Full Moon in Aquarius, July 27th, 2018

esoteric insights full moon July Esoteric Insights

Astrology by Rebecca Farrar of Wild Witch of the West  / Collage by Janeva Zentz





Friday, July 27, 2018 

  • 1:22 p.m. PDT/2:22 p.m. MDT/4:22 p.m. EDT/ 8:22 p.m. UTC
  • Conjunct retrograde Mars
  • Conjunct South Node Eclipse
  • Opposite Pallas Athena
  • Square Uranus
  • Sextile Chiron


Keywords/themes: community v. self, social justice warrior, individual purpose within the collective, community action, goal, creative inspiration, collective changes

This eclipse may feel a bit like full moon on steroids…Mars steroids to be specific. It’s about everything that makes a full moon powerful, blood moon, total eclipse, super moon and it’s also the longest total lunar eclipse of the century at 1 hour and 43 minutes long. While visible mostly in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, parts South America…its energies will be felt worldwide, which is exactly what an Aquarius moon would want.;)

Aquarius concerns us with the realm of humanity, community and collective inviting us into pondering our place within the whole. It highlights revolution and evolution, though the Aquarius shadow side can be an identify as an outsider or lone wolf, or feeling too special that one doesn’t belong.

The full moon eclipse sits almost exactly next to retrograding Mars, and changes the concerns of not just who are we in community, but what is our purpose and role.  An important question to consider this eclipse would be “Where we need to call back our energy and get realigned with our goals?” Mars in this placement opposite the Sun is actually closest to Earth perhaps exerting even more influence than otherwise.

Another important thing to note about this full eclipse is its conjunction to the South Node. All eclipses occur next to the North Node or South Node as they are the place where the orbit of Sun and Moon meet. The alignment of Earth, Sun, and Moon in a row creates an eclipse appearance as a shadow across either the Moon or Sun. In the case of a lunar eclipse we are seeing the shadow of Earth on the Moon, which also creates the blood moon effect color caused by sunlight scattering its light wavelength.

 As with all full moons, we are navigating polarity and integration. The Leo-Aquarian axis it holds the tension of individual self and collective. What are the gifts and self-expression we carry that in service to our communities? And also, how can be more comfortable with ourselves in a group.

The Uranus square to the full moon gives a double dose of disruption or changes to ourselves and also the whole. Opposite Athena and the Sun we are asked to lean into our curiosity and our own wisdom. This full moon eclipse also forms a sextile with Chiron may offer healing on a deeper level that reminds us of the healing if we are willing to step into the eclipse energies fully.

While everyone may experience this full moon differently, the themes of community and self as well as collective consciousness and purpose will most likely be on the forefront. Take time to consider your own meaning within this context and how your unique purpose can best serve humanity.

Everyday rituals:

DO // Volunteer in your community or attend a political activism group, getting involved beyond oneself is the consciousness of Aquarius.

BE // Meditation of any sort is helpful during this full moon as Aquarius impacts our nervous system, so it may need calming. Try the Tranquility & Peace or Happiness & Inspiration Ritual Kits.

EAT // Calming foods or tea such as turmeric or ginger, Mars energies may contribute to inflammation.

READ // Stay attuned to the news worldwide, even if uncomfortable Aquarius wants us to know what is happening and how we can help or contribute.



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