Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, Tuesday, July 16, 2019: Breakdown of Old Structures

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, Tuesday, July 16, 2019: Breakdown of Old Structures

Moon insights by Candace Looft, of Beyond the Veil Tarot  / Collage by Janeva Zentz 

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn: Breakdown of Old Structures

Tuesday, July 16, 2019, Full Moon @ 24 degrees of Capricorn 
2:30 p.m. PST// 5:30 p.m. EST
  • Sun in Cancer Oppose Moon, Pluto, Saturn in Capricorn 
  • Mercury in Leo square Uranus in Taurus 
  • Mercury in Leo trine Chiron in Aries 
  • Venus in Cancer oppose Moon, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn 
  • Venus in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces 
  • Mars in Leo square Uranus in Taurus 
  • Jupiter in Saggitarius square Neptune in Pisces 
  • Neptune in Pisces sextile Saturn and pluto in Capricorn 
  • Neptune in Pisces trine the North Node in Cancer      


Look out for/ work with:

Self-preservation, determination, self-control, social justice awakenings, breakdown of old patterns, shadow work, toxic relationships, dramatic relationship transformations, turmoil, endings, deep feelings, intuitive insights or visions, controlling or manipulative behaviors, guilt-trips, intimidation, abuses of power, sadness, loneliness, compulsive behavior.  



This one is going to be an intense one. There’s no sugar coating the effects of this particular eclipse. Lunar eclipses have a reputation for emotional unveilings. It’s an ongoing lesson in purging and the removal of something that threatens the dry foundations of your growth. Think of this eclipse as the event that actually starts the cataclysmic change. With this eclipse’s aspects to Pluto and the South node, its very evident some structure in your life is breaking down. This can be a job, that has become so heavy with the day in and day out routine. A relationship that feels more like a burden than a blessing. Potentially even a car, or place of residence that’s breaking down and having problems. Whatever it is that’s becoming a heavy load take note of it. It’s possible you’ve been trying to grin and bear it since last year, but not it’s becoming increasingly more challenging to stick with. 

This eclipse brings intense emotions and some of you will be confronted with some darker behaviors. Pluto’s effect runs deep, to the core. The master of alchemy works in strange and mysterious ways. It’s possible this eclipse brings up some past trauma, or event that you have compartmentalized psychologically for some time. Power struggles are likely, but merely the manifestation of where we have given our power away in the past. As with all Full Moons, this is a time of completion and endings. But a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon is jam-packed with emotional plot twists, and in Capricorn, it’s going to stop at nothing to bring the karma. On a social level, we will see a rise up of various movements. Women’s rights will surely be a hot topic in the following months as government involvement in reproductive health, as well as equality in all senses are being tested. Ancient astrologers believed times where Pluto was conjunct the South Node, the most intense crime and brutal history take place. I myself see both sides of Pluto. The intense, punishing and brutality as well as the ability to clear the decks and rise from the ashes. The key here is exposing where powers are being abused, so we can get on with the healing. 

Endings now should be honored, and I can’t stress this enough. This month and the following weeks ahead, all of us will experience something being “eclipsed” out of our lives because it is not in alignment with our greater good. Death comes in many forms, not all are physical. Many times endings hit us out of nowhere, and we are forced to accept the situation and move forward. Trust the universe has bigger plans for you if you’re experiencing this. I tell people eclipses don’t always bring about changes on the day of. Many of you are already in the process of ending something since the first week of July, and the prior eclipse in Cancer. But this eclipse is apart of a bigger story. This eclipse is sprinkling glimpses of the future at the beginning of 2020. This is when Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter all conjunct in Capricorn. That’s when you really begin to reap the rewards of whatever it is that you start now. Mars and Mercury are moving together, making hard angles to Uranus in Taurus. Those of you who read my last article, may have noticed I spoke about LITERAL earthshaking energy? The recent intense weather and earthquakes are a reflection of these hard angles. The earth is literally responding to these hard shifts. The truth is, more may come. Astrology is very real my friends. These squares in fixed signs create push back, ego issues and confrontations. Police brutality, government conspiracy coverups, and potential violence may break out in the coming weeks due to these harsh aspects. 

But where’s the silver lining? This is essentially a bulldozer. This eclipse is kicking up all the crap that needs to be seen out in the open. The toxic attitudes, the government control, the misogynistic, homophobic, racist, close-minded, bigoted issues around us. You may find this coming up within workspaces, family get-togethers, and out in your everyday neighborhood. What some people say, may shock you. Then do your due diligence to create change. Don’t let others be treated that way. Stand up for those in need. Teach your children compassion and acceptance. Practice healthy, firm boundaries. Cut toxic people from your life, and be thankful they showed their true colors. Send them on their way with love. Venus is shining down at the time of this eclipse, conjunct the north node trine Neptune. This makes way for empathy, healing, and hopefully higher moral and ethical standards. This is also a beautiful trine for artists and daydreamers. As with all revolutions, it births an artistic renaissance. There’s no doubt that an entire wave of new self-expression in the form of art, music, and dance is coming. 

Those of you resistant to change, (like quitting that job, moving, detaching from a toxic person, etc.) will have to rip off the bandaid and do it the hard way in the spring of 2020. A bit of advice, don’t challenge the universe. Some of us are so afraid of change, we couldn’t fathom some major pillars in our life crumbling. 

But oh darling, even Rome fell…

Ritualistic Inspirations 

  • Herbs: Mullein, Blessed Thistle, Thyme, Solomon Seal, Lemon Balm, Licorice
  • Symbols: The Goat, Saturn, The Devil, Mountains, Father time, bones and teeth
  • Crystals: Garnet, Agate, Turquoise, Onyx, Fossil 
  • Color: Purple or Brown  

Try This…

Banishing Road Blocks Spell 

Best performed AFTER this eclipse. Ideally, the day after on the 17th or on Saturday, July 20th, 2019, SATURN’S DAY. Wednesdays are known as Mercury’s day and can be an excellent time to “open the road’s” with a road opener spell. This can clear obstacles. Saturday’s are used to do any banishing or removal magic. This is also a time to perform ancestral work and call upon deceased loved ones for assistance and healing. 

You’ll need:

  • Permanent marker or pen
  • Brown paper bag paper, or unrefined paper 
  • Garnet, onyx, or Shungite crystal 
  • White Candle 
  • Tobacco or Cedar incense or herbs.
  • Pot, bowl, or smudging shell to burn paper in 
  • Sea salt  
  1. Begin by lighting a candle and incense. Sit in meditation and focus on your breathing. Picture yourself surrounded in white or golden light radiating from the inside out. Then repeat, “All those in love and light and love and light only are welcome in this space. All others are banished now and forevermore. Calling on all my ascended masters, angels, guides, and higher beings. I call on sacred space. Asking you to be present and hold space for change. Removing any karmic blocks from past, current, and parallel lives.”
  2. Take your pen or marker and make a list of anything you wish to purge. It can be as simple as one word, or an entire list. Keep in mind this is what you’re letting go of. (New intentions should be made on the New Moon in Leo later in the month.)
  3. Fold the paper away from you three times. Each time making the paper smaller. Imagining the issues disappearing. Continue to Meditate. In your mind's eye, imagine slowly breaking through a brick wall. Continue to meditate and breathe. 
  4. Carefully line a pot or smudging shell with a handful of salt. Be careful with open flames and be sure to do this on a safe surface, or outside free of any brush. Take the folded up piece of paper and place it in the shell. Take a match and light the paper watching it burn. Envision all of the blocks and negativity on that sheet of paper burning away. Turning into ash, and being removed from your life. 
  5. Thank your guides for being present. Be sure to announce “So mote it be, or better!”, and close sacred space. Burn sage. 
  6. Allow the ash to completely cool for at least one hour. When you’re sure it’s out, remove the ash from your physical home, return it to the earth or throw it away. 
  7. Take a cleansing bath with your favorite cleansing herbs, florida water, coconut water, sea salt or washes. Be sure to allow the white candle to burn all the way through continuing the clearing. Air dry if you can, dress all in white and go to sleep in that color.


  • Go hiking and do a releasing ritual on a mountain
  • Finalize a career plan or presentation
  • Establish a budget 
  • Make bone broth with a freshly roasted chicken, carrots, celery, onion, and a bay leaf. Sip on the broth to aid the stomach and soak up the nutrients of the bones. 


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Candace Marie of Beyond the Veil Tarot has her degree in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Theology, and studied at the School of Evolutionary Astrology. She is also a graduate of Sacred Crossings Death Midwifery School, and a root worker and herbalist. Read her bio here, and catch more of her work on Beyond the Veil Tarot.


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