Welcoming Wellness with Flora

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Welcoming Wellness with Flora

Welcoming Wellness with Flora

A Collaboration with LVXTENEBRAS  and J. Southern Studio 
"The goddess comes, crowned with garlands of a thousand flowers."
- Ovid, Roman poet


The word "flora" translates to "flowers," and is also the name of the Roman Goddess of flowers, spring, and fertility.

Her first temple was built on the advice of the Sibylline Oracle, with the intent to protect nearby crops from famine and disease. During this time of quarantine, it's safe to say that we've all been thinking about protection from disease, making it the perfect time to invite Flora to help protect your space, your body, and your loved ones. Try this simple meditation or ritual below using our Palo Santo Flora Bundles to center your thoughts and help radiate your inner positivity. 



Ritual Tip: The best time for this is during the new or waxing moon. ⁠

Gather fresh flowers from your yard or nearby and place in your home, or in your hair, as an offering for Flora.

Light Palo Santo to cleanse your space and release negativity and fear.

✨ Place the dried flowers and Selenite from the Palo Santo Flora Bundle next to the main door of your home or room as an offering to Flora.⁠

While cleansing your space, open the door and invite Flora to come into your home.

✨ Be sure to keep fresh flowers in your house in exchange for the protection Goddess Flora provides.








Sera Timms of LVXTENEBRAS is Gemini twin sister, occult and esoteric lover and practitioner, musician, and wise woman from California. Read more about her here, and from her on our blog, Esoteric Insights.


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