Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, July 4 & 5, 2020: Overcoming Obstacles

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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, July 4 & 5, 2020: Overcoming Obstacles

Moon insights by Candace Looft, of Beyond the Veil Tarot  / Collage by Janeva Zentz 

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn: Overcoming Obstacles

July 4th & 5th, 2020, Full Moon @ 13 degrees of Capricorn
9:44 pm PST // 12:44 am EST
  • Sun in Cancer oppose Moon in Capricorn
  • Sun in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus
  • Sun in Cancer + Moon in Capricorn square Chiron in Aries
  • Moon in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus
  • Mercury in Cancer square Mars in Aries
  • Mercury in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus
  • Venus in Gemini sextile Mars in Aries
  • Venus in Gemini sextile Chiron in Aries
  • Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn Sextile Neptune in Pisces

Look out for/ work with: Discipline, integrity, responsibility, accountability, eliminating obstacles, power struggles, banishing or removing barriers, laying strong foundations, dissolving illusion and fear, evolution, professional matters, healing rites for chronic illness, grounding exercises, social justice.

This is a big one kids, hold onto your shorts! July and August are gearing up to be some of the more intense months of the year. This is a build-up of energy that’s been taking place for the better part of the last two and a half years. This is the final Capricorn eclipse for years to come, and she will close with a bang. Full Moon Lunar eclipses are often riddled with physical events that come to a close. Unlike Solar eclipses, which are more on the emotional side, these types of lunation bring about massive changes in the physical World. In the sign of Capricorn, it will have an authoritarian vibe to it. Some of you in the weeks ahead will see a boiling point with your relationships to superiors. For every one of you, Capricorn takes place within the twelve houses of your natal astrology chart. This is where knowing your astrological placements is essential. Even if you’re not a Capricorn or have any personal placements in that sign, this event WILL affect you. Why, you ask? Because for the better part of the last two and a half years, Saturn, the taskmaster, has been occupying that area of your chart. Saturn is along the lines of the strict authority figure in your life who wants you to learn valuable lessons and exercise boundaries. Time and time again, Saturn will keep touching base throughout his nearly three-year transit, ensuring that you do the work. If you don’t, you get a swift kick in the ass. Saturn rules time and heavy lifting, so there’s no coincidence that things have felt more challenging to get through 2019- up until now, the cosmos have had a heavy Capricorn presence. Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto have all been hovering near one another. The south node of the Moon has been in this sign as well.  This is a sometimes dark, brooding energy that can spill over and show bouts of violence or cruelty.

We’ve seen our fair share of economic and global power struggles in recent months. An eclipse happening in this sign is the final chapter, or showdown if you will. Within the next month, we are likely to encounter and face-off with limiting forces in our lives. I expect the World’s politics and borders to be quite an interesting topic in the weeks to come. Saturn has dipped back into Capricorn for a short five-month stay before regressing back into Aquarius at the end of 2020. Saturn within these degrees is likely to limit where we can and cannot go. For some, it will be home, for others it will be travel, or possibly even to work. I expect Saturn to rule with an iron fist, squeezing tighter and limiting what we can and cannot do. I also fully expect to see some unprecedented government acts. The Sun sextile Uranus is likely to bring about sudden changes and unexpected financial fluctuations around the World. The Moon will also trine Uranus, indicating the general public may react wildly or even unpredictably to some of these new limitations. Finances and resources may be hot topics. Change and innovation are inevitable. In the end, this will pave the way for us to be better prepared personally. Neptune in aspect to Jupiter and Pluto suggests there’s still something secretive and vague going on behind the scenes. I fully expect some serious truths to be unveiled as a result of this eclipse. As the Sun in Cancer makes it’s way to the later degrees in July, be prepared for some major fireworks.

Thankfully, Venus in Gemini is in positive aspects to both Mars and Chiron in Aries. Venus is now direct from her retrograde motion. She remains in the “shadow” period until early August but gains strength as the month goes on. This allows each person to move into a space of motivation and self-healing. Words have power and can be a double-edged sword. Gemini is the sign that rules communication and our inner circle. Neighbors, siblings, and extended family fall under Gemini as well. It’s clear there will be opportunities to speak up and communicate from a bright and loving perspective. This will allow essential conversations involving finances and values to take place. Mercury, the great communicator, is still retrograde in Cancer, bringing quite a bit of attention to the United States. On a more personal level, it’s helping us review how it is we feel. This is all about the heart and mind connection. With several planets retrograde, the key is reflection and review. When planets are retrograde, it can take an extra push to get things moving. Leave the events to unfold, and proceed with forward action later in the month. I expect this eclipse to shake out in phases. First, this lunation, followed by more events at the end of July. With Mercury in harsh aspect to Mars, many will be looking to pick a fight or argue. At times, voices will be loud, and it will be hard to find common ground. Fighting words should not be tolerated, and violence shouldn’t either. Jupiter and Pluto are nuzzled up next to each other, shining a light on corruption or issues with abuse. Events that unfold this month will spiral until, as a collective, we look at our issues with greed and control. More importantly, fear and how that fuels the entire process.

So how does this affect you? What can YOU do with this energy? Get clear about your long term goals—set timelines. Write them out and commit to them. Banish limitations and blocks. Ritualize a closing of a nearly three-year chapter. You’re not entirely done yet- but can set some boundaries and send this energy off with kind words. In many ways, it’s made quite a few of us more durable and more resilient. As the months go on, you will understand what I mean when I say it benefitted you. The next six months of astrology will be riddled with intense squares from Mars in Aries. Summer 2020 and well into September will be times to exercise our new sense of boundaries and strengths. This can be an excellent time to set goals and intentions for your legacy, whatever it may be. You may opt to strengthen professional goals, or perhaps launch a new business. Healing spells and rituals that involve ancestors will be strong at the time of this Full Moon. Being in nature, going hiking, and working with the element of Earth will be exceptionally magical. Much can be completed in the weeks ahead. The key to getting to the other side is going through it, not around it. Take matters into your own hands and forge forward. Sometimes accountability is a magic word. When everyone becomes acutely aware of their part and stands in their integrity- magic happens. The World can change with the help of one person at a time. Opt to wield your power responsibly; together, we can lay the foundations for a brighter and more humane future.

Ritualistic Inspirations

  • Herbs & Incense: Rosemary, Majoram, Mullein, Comfrey
  • Symbols: The goat, the sea-goat, Saturn, Bones, Elders
  • Crystals: Onyx, Lapis, Smokey Quartz, Garnet, Ruby
  • Color: Purple or brown

Witch Tip: Try the colored candle set, some dried herbs for incense and teas, and a cauldron to cook and burn them in! Or, our Full Moon Kit and/ or Candle is great for these cycles.

Try This: Ritual Offering to Saturn

This is best performed on Saturday (aka Saturn Day) on the 4th of July in the evening hours during the eclipse.

You will need:

  • The World or the Devil Tarot card, or both! (This symbolizes wrapping up Karmic lessons and completion)
  • A chalice of water
  • A black, purple, or brown candle (any size)
  • An onion, potato, beet, or garlic
  • Tobacco incense
  • Paper and pen (ideally natural paper, or paper bag material)
  • Fire-safe pot or shell for ashes of intentions

Simple Steps & Procedures

  1. Burn incense and open your sacred space.
  2. Arrange your altar space, including all of the elements (Fire: candle, Air: incense/ invocations of Saturn and written intentions, Earth: crystals + food offerings, Water: Chalice of water).

  3. Meditate and write out the intentions you have to overcome/complete/manifest a close of some chapter in your life. Thank Saturn for his assistance and guidance in the matter. Ask him for strength and maturity.

  4. Light the candle when you are ready. Burn the intentions with the flame and allow to smolder and turn to ash in a fire-safe pot.
  5. Thank Saturn and your guides and close sacred space.

Leave the food offerings and altar out through the 6th of July.

Pro witch tip: Take the ash from the intentions and mix with sea salt. This will create black salt and can be used to protect your space and home. This salt will be extra potent because it will be charged by Saturn on an Eclipse, and is terrific for protective or banishing magic in the future. Store in an airtight jar for future use.








Candace Marie of Beyond the Veil Tarot has her degree in Cultural Anthropology with a minor in Theology, and studied at the School of Evolutionary Astrology. She is also a graduate of Sacred Crossings Death Midwifery School, and a root worker and herbalist. Read her bio here, and catch more of her work on Beyond the Veil Tarot.


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