June 2022 Tarotscopes

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June 2022 Tarotscopes

Astrology by Richard Contreras
Tarot by Kerstin Hern of The Mirrored Lantern
Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals

June 2022 Tarotscopes

June greetings to all, and happy solar return wishes to Gemini and early Cancer folks! Below are your intuitive tarot readings coupled with insightful astro snapshots by Richard, per sign, for the month ahead. I am also pulling a card for the collective, which you can use in conjunction with your personal tarot card to create a more robust narrative around what is calling your attention during this monthly cycle, or as a clarifier for your zodiac’s card.

Of note this month are the polar themes of joining/beginning and loss/completion. There were three doubles this month, as well, where 2 signs got the same card, specifically 2 of Cups, 10 of Swords, and 4 of Pentacles. This may be seen as a collective energy of flow and movement, and how energy does not stay in one place. In the sign of Gemini for most of the month, this may speak to using the curiosity and movement associated with Gemini to cycle through energy, un-clutching people and things so we can have more full, new experiences.

To get the most out of these Horoscopes, please read them based off of your Ascendant/ Rising sign, as these are the signs that are the basis of our monthly breakdowns. Your Ascendant sign is the sign of the Zodiac which was rising on the eastern horizon at the time, date & location of our birth, and it provides us with a much more individualized view of our personal astrology. If you do not yet know your Rising Sign, feel free to find it here: Chart Drawing, Ascendant. All you will need is the closest possible time, date & location of your birth. For those not able to find an accurate Rising Sign, you can secondarily read these horoscopes by your Sun sign and thirdly by your Moon sign.

Stay tuned for the Celestial Insights blog to see what the stars have to say, along with lunar magick offerings…

Here are your tarot + astro messages. I suggest reading your rising and sun signs:



Deck Used: Thoth Deck
Card: Knight of Disks

The overall energetic message for this month that you can use to expand and clarify your personal card reading is: THE KNIGHT OF DISKS

This card in the Thoth deck represents masculine/yang energy in the earthly realm of physical body/health and material possessions, as the Knight slowly and steadily rides his horse on lush, fertile ground, growing wild plants. He does not rush, rather deliberately walks among the fertile soil, planting seeds generously. He is not paranoid but cautious, and strays from adventure and wildness to reliability that brings comfort and wealth related to joy. This masculine energy is protective and is a provider so that all he shares his generosity with may also be joyful, comfy, and materially sound. This is like Green Man energy in Wicca, the counterpart to The Goddess/Gaia. This card also represents the last 10 degrees of Leo and the first 20 degrees of Virgo.

Key themes with the Knight of Disks include working toward security, financial wealth/stability, optimum physical health, connection to body, strength and patience regarding goals, and practicality in planning for success.

This Knight is not aggressive like the Swords Knight, dreamy like the Water Knight, or wild like the Fire Knight… He does not carry a weapon, because all living things are plant and animal allies, which he protects and nourishes. He is connected to the land he walks on, allowing it to grow tall and strong so that it may later feed and nourish his (and his loved ones’) bodies. This knight is attuned the cycles of nature and therefore is very present in his mind and body. The lower vibration can be that he is not flesh against soil, still heavily armored, which may represent a chasm between him and Spiritual energy, as too much focus on the material produces ego-centric action, vanity, and indulgence.

Stay connected to your nature, the natural cycles of the earth and her seasons, be in the present, be logical while also connecting to your inner light and Spirit to remain in balance. Money and health may be thematic this month. Do not rush, get lost in daydreams, or get aggressive when it comes to these goals. Put down weapons and pick up tools.



We enter the month of June with Mars separating from a conjunction with Juipter, in Mars’ home sign of Aries. Also, Venus makes her way to cross the north node in Taurus, with Mercury finishing the retrograde around the same area of Taurus where the North Node resides. Keyword for these transits I’ve mentioned above is, Acceleration! June brings movement and turns up the heat on growth and evolution. We start off the month with a stellium (3 or more planets) in Aries, with one of those planets being Mars, the planet of passion, energy and assertion. We have to be careful this month that these energies are applied in moderation and not allowed to be a force that overly accelerates us or gives us the illusion that everything must be done right away.



  • 6/3- Mercury Direct (Taurus)
  • 6/4- Saturn stations retrograde
  • 6/13- Mercury enters Gemini
  • 6/14- Full moon in Sagittarius
  • 6/21- Sun enters Gemini
  • 6/28 - Neptune stations retrograde
  • 6/28- New moon in Cancer
  • Sun: Gemini- Cancer
  • Moon: Cancer- Cancer
  • Mercury: Taurus RX- Gemini
  • Venus: Taurus- Gemini
  • Mars: Aries
  • Jupiter: Aries
  • Saturn: Aquarius
  • Uranus: Taurus
  • Neptune: Pisces
  • Pluto: Capricorn
  • North/ South Nodes: Taurus & Scorpio




Tarot Card: Two of Cups

This is a breath of fresh air after some sort of Tower moment/experience last month for Aries folks! Perhaps whatever happened that paused you or set you back opened up room for a new relationship, partnership, or agreement that you are now SO excited to have in your life? In any case, the energy of June for you is a focus on a sacred, intimate, important relationship. You may have recently met someone, and this card acknowledges a lot of potential for these early sparks to become a blazing, beautiful fire. Likewise, if you are partnered, the focus is on this important person (romantic or business partnership). You may be partnered or partnering with a Libra, as they also got this card. This could look like making commitment, reaching a mutual agreement/negotiation, or some new reciprocity and healing where there may have been imbalance. Whatever the case is for you, this portends harmony, positivity, and pure joy. Using the collective card of Knight of Disks, you may combine the two to read your full message as taking a new partnership slow and steady, while also connecting physically in a deep way.

Astro Snapshot:

Mars and Jupiter have a solid co-presence in your 1st house of self identity & new beginnings, bringing a lot of confidence & progress towards a process you started in either late May, or are beginning this month. Mars, the planet of power and effort moves you into new levels of confidence in regards to yourself and your outlook on what is to come. Be aware to stay present throughout this whole process, as Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is at play. While Jupiters energy is very beneficial, it also can inflate the ego and the idea of what is possible during this month, taking you into a July which could involve you needing to take steps backwards if you are not careful. This is a great month to focus in on, and expand upon anything to do with your physical appearance, your self/ identity and anything pertaining to your outlook.



Tarot Card: 10 of Swords
Taurus friends may have had some success and/or healing last month which is serving as the current catalyst to close out some long-term personal beliefs, thought patterns, self-talk/communication with others that is no longer serving their mental health, relationships, or general well-being. The final dagger has been thrown, either by someone else or within your own psyche, and the cycle is complete; a mental/ego death must happen. Sagittarius also got this card, so you may be dealing with a Sag or have other Sag placements. Rest, restore, process, using the collective card to speak to slow and steady recuperation from any communications or experiences that have left you drained, stressed, or anxious. Healing involves some pain, so these are the final stings associated with that. This may look like your personal healing journey that is bringing you light, success, and happiness is making someone in your field jealous, or even bitter that you are leveling up and they can’t use you anymore. Allow these “swords” to fall away, as your Sun is burning away illusions and truth is seen. Accept it and start to slowly and steadily move on. Create new narratives you tell yourself and others from the vantage point of the healed and happy you.

Astro Snapshot:

With last month being strong for you with personal transitions, this month brings forward a more quiet energy and slows things down. May has quite a bit of energy in your 12th house, pertaining to endings and introspection, and while this house is governed by the very active sign of Aries, all of that energy and activity is turned inwards. This month calls for going within and will almost certainly have you bringing something to an end which is standing as a personal obstacle for you for some time, especially if it's something internal. As Mars moves through Aries this month, it will help to reveal to you things that may have been hidden from you by others or even yourself, it is a great transit for truth, honest and radical acceptance. Don’t be surprised if you also may be directly dealing with someone in your life who may have become problematic or a relationship between you and someone else which needs some involved conversation.



Tarot Card: 4 of Pentacles

For many, your solar returns are this month (happy bdays, fellow Gems!), so I feel as though this card is posing this question: What are you clutching that you no longer have room to carry into your personal new year? This may be something physical, tangible, financial, work-related… Whatever it is, it is keeping you from growth. It feels like a security blanket that has been a source of comfort for a while, but you have outgrown it… It’s dirty, ratty, and stained and it’s time to thank it, hug it goodbye, and throw it out. This is a lot like personal psychological defenses! What patterns and habits can you let go of that no longer align with the person you have been working hard to become? You are earning your keep, Geminis, and you have more security than you realize. Trust that your inner resources are bountiful and that they will be matched in the outer realm, materially/financially, when you need them. Trust, flexibility, and release are your keys to personal growth this month.

Astro Snapshot:

June brings forward for you renewal and beginnings, as mercury goes through the post-shadow period of its retrograde, and makes its way through mid-june into your house of beginnings and initiation. You might find this June that a lot of the introspection that went on for you last month, will now find a place where you choose to take action on things pertaining to these introspections. This month brings a lot of growth and expansion for you, as your 11th house of gains and growth has an influx of energy. Here you will probably see growth in something external like groups of people, networking or something in the world around you that pertains to your personal ambitions and goals. This month you build upon what was shifted for you during the previous Mercury retrograde, so be aware of what was shifted for you since May 10th, as now you will be able to improve in these areas.



Tarot Card: Knight of Swords

Cancers had some cycle shifting last month, perhaps something closing out or a new cycle beginning. This month’s message has to do with communication and ideas anchored to your goals in these new cycles, which in its high vibration, revolves around speaking your truth, being honest, and charging forward on whatever your ambitious goals are with confidence and determination. On the other side of this Knight’s coin, a low vibe energy revolves around being too sharp with your words, being defensive and even offensive, and trudging up the past in confrontations that will lead to fights. The message here would be think before you speak—not the other way around, and only bring up the past if it is bringing clarity and truth to a matter. If your communication field is clear, then charge ahead! Just try to be patient and less impulsive… Flow with the collective card, Knight of Disks, who is steadier and more grounded. Split the diff between these Knights’ energy and you are good to go.

Astro Snapshot:

Look to Career and your long term goals this month, as your 10th house of personal/career success has Mars moving through it. Mars brings ambition and energy, and while it moves through your 10th this month, you redirect your energy towards the growth of this part of your life. Keyword here is the Long Term, and anything for you that pertains to stuff you are building on for your future, you will become active with. Be aware of what also might need tidying in your career or public persona, it is a great month to address any issues here or take charge and be proactive with something that could be a potential stagnancy in the coming months. Confidence and action is key for you this month, so be prepared for an active June which will set into motion a longer term pattern forward movement.



Tarot Card: 9 of Cups

Ok, Leos! Hopefully you got that clarity, truth, or new information last month, and now you will start to see some wishes coming true, manifesting satisfaction in your goals, leveling up in your relationships, and/or feeling confident in your position. This card is the green light to treat yourself and live it up a bit… There is confidence and happiness signaled in this card, and much of this comes from living fully in the present (as you can see this person is facing straight ahead in a sure stance). Gratitude is great medicine associated with this card, as well, as gratitude compounds blessings. This is often regarded as the “wish come true” card, so if you’ve been working toward a big dream, June may be the month where it starts to come into fruition or the material realm. Participate in your own pleasure, expect the best outcomes, and live life to the fullest in the present moment—it’s all you got!

Astro Snapshot:

All the stuff that was set into motion for you last month through the eclipses, now sees you settling into the new pace of it. If this pertained to business, career or success, now the building pattern that will last for the next few months is apparent and you will see going forward how certain upsets or even setbacks last month were very necessary. As your 9th house this month sees an influx of energy, you will see that outlook is key! You may shift personal philosophies, or beliefs about something you are engaged in that defines you, give yourself the space and the flexibility to do so. June has a good amount of movement for you in everything external and interpersonal, so prepare time for networking and enjoying time with other people. 



Tarot Card: 6 of Wands

Last month, Virgos’ message was to stay committed and be patient while tending to all the tasks necessary to move toward your goals… And what better card to follow that up with than the 6 of Wands! The card of success, achievement, reconciliation, and productive service to others (very Virgo), you can expect to see results, experience accomplishments, and be seen for your talents in June. These will be anchored into passionate work, creativity, community work, or dealings with family. Thinking about the 5 of Wands, the 6 shows a person who brought all the conflicting people together, creating harmony. You may be this person, or, look out for someone who may be a peacemaker for you and someone else. If you have been working hard at career goals, this is the month where you are seen by your community for your unique vision and creative contributions. Bravo, Virgos!

Astro Snapshot:

Shared resources and your financial life will see a lot of movement this month. There is a lot of opportunity this June for you to either access your ambition in your financial life, or to clean house around your finances. This is due to the fact that Mars steps into your 8th house of shared resources and financial obligations. Also, Mercury steps back into your 10th house of career and personal success, where it just underwent a retrograde period shifting the story for you. All of this comes together for the makings of a June which has quite a financial and material focus. You might find that this is needed after the last few months you may have had, which has seen a standstill or decrease in these departments for you as you were working on other areas of your life. 



Tarot Card: 2 of Cups

Libras have been on the Cups superhighway the last few months, with April and May likely trudging up difficult emotions, relationships, or memories. Well, that pain was not in vain, as June brings in fresh energy flooded with sparkling waters of reciprocal, meaningful connection with another person. You may be partnered or partnering with an Aries as they also got this card. It may be romantic, platonic, or work-related, but there is a partnership highlighted that is founded on mutual respect and transparency that is the beginning of something wonderful, ripe with potential. But like all relationships, they take work and wisdom from the past, so using your 5 and 8 of Cups experiences from this year so far, you can show up differently in this partnership, truer to yourself and stronger in all ways. You’ve earned this, Libras! If you are partnered, this could be reconciliation and breakthrough healing energy with your special person. Give them your cup and accept theirs.

Astro Snapshot:

Watch this June for a focus on relationship themes, as we start the month off with a stellium forming in your 7th house of committed relationships, partnerships, agreements and enemies. This month sees Mars, the planet of passion, energy and assertion, traveling through the relationship house, so you may find that both desires and passions will be turned up, but also conflict may arise as well. Mars is an interesting planet here, as it brings fire and heat to your relationships, which in moderation can be amazing, but in excess can equally be very divisivel. Should there be a need this month for some difficult conversations with the people in your life, be tactful, but also don’t step away from a much needed conversation. The mind may be very active for you as Mercury steps back into Gemini, expanding on your outlook and making more complex a particular view on something key in your life which you may see as a personal definition of yourself.



Tarot Card: 3 of Wands
Following up with last month’s Wands message to take action around soul purpose and goals, June is showing up with a sign of movement. The 3 of Wands is acknowledging that the universe has heard your call, sees your plans, and approves. Things will start moving this month—you’ll start to see your metaphorical ships carrying your metaphorical cargo in the sea before you as you stand on the metaphorical hill watching with pride. 3s are cards of creation/creativity, so collaboration, ongoing communication, and keeping your spark lit are all central to your success. This card also highlights expansion, so travel, adventure, anything that increases your vantage point of possibility and momentum in achievement as your goals are steadily getting actioned will bring even more joy, satisfaction, and success.

Astro Snapshot:

If you find this month that you have been feeling a little stuck lately, especially around anything dealing with routine, structure or your physical/ emotional wellness, this is the month to get unstuck. This is due to Mars stepping into your 6th house and spending all of June traveling through this area of your chart. This expands on things that may have once been a challenge in your life, but now brings you to a place to move beyond them. If there has been over the last few months any upset or even slow down around finances or intimacy, you will see this month and next that there is a breakthrough here, so be prepared for this stuff to resolve or to begin to flow differently. If there are any issues with a particular unknown or unseen enemy, this month will bring them out of the woodwork but you will be prepared to deal with it.



Tarot Card: 10 of Swords

Last month, relationships that are connected to and/or feel like family were highlighted in a beautiful, positive way. This month is calling attention to a form of communication, thought pattern, or narrative around a relationship(s), possibly your family/those people who feel like family, that no longer serves. It is a dynamic or narrative that feels like betrayal, where you in a victim mindset, possibly a martyr mindset. Taurus also got this card, so you may be dealing with a Taurus or Taurus could be your sun/rising. Allow whatever negative communication, internal or external, that is connected to loss fully go. It is the final sword; the lesson is learned. I’ll tell you what I offered to Taurus folks, too: Rest, restore, process, using the collective card to speak to slow and steady recuperation from any communications or experiences that have left you drained, stressed, or anxious. Healing involves some pain, so these are the final stings associated with that. This may look like your personal healing journey that is bringing you light, success, happiness is making someone in your field jealous, or even bitter that you are leveling up and they can’t use you anymore. Allow these “swords” to fall away, along with any illusions about yourself or others so the truth may be seen. Accept it and start to move on slowly and steadily.

Astro Snapshot:

June is bright for you, as your 5th house of joy, sensuality, dating and enjoyment starts off the month with a stellium forming within it. While this is going on, Mercury will also be re-entering your house of relationships and partnership. This month will see an influx of energy in this department of your life, so it can be a great time for relationship stuff, whatever that might mean for you. You may find that this month holds deeper stories for you about sensuality, but also a dive into creative and self-expressive aspects of your life right now. A great thing to do this month is to access parts of your life which are calling for you to slow down and smell the roses. This can be a great time to allow this enjoyment to serve as a refuel for both the mind, body and spirit.



Tarot Card: 4 of Swords (jumpers: 5 of Pentacles, 9 of Wands)
Wow, so you all had 2 jumpers, and both really flew out, so I feel both need to be seen. Your overall energy card is the 4 of Swords, my “meditation” advice card, which also advises retreating, removing yourself from situations, and resting. This advice may be connected to something to do with your physical health (sleep to heal your body—your brain detoxes during sleep: look up “sleep toxicity”!), financial scarcity (stay in, be frugal, don’t spend too much this month), or overworking and not tending to your mental health. 9 of Wands also shows up here to highlight personal boundaries, which feel connected to work. Is someone taking advantage of you at work? Do you need to set firmer boundaries there or in another relationship? Did you bite off more than you can chew and need to get help? Although the 9 of Wands also signals perseverance, you can’t persevere if you don’t pause once in a while to catch your breath. Take a breather from whatever rigorous routine you are in to tend to your physical and mental health by sleeping, meditation, mindfulness practices, or seeking help from trusted allies. We all need some rest and help every now and then, even you, Cap!

Astro Snapshot:

This month sees an influx of energy in the places of your life which you would consider your homebase. This could be the physical home or your family, but also can be the places within yourself you find grounding. This month is a recharge month in these areas, and if there is anything that needs to be addressed here or a situation which has been procrastinated, expect that June will bring it up to be dealt with. You will also see this June that the importance of where you find grounding is more present as the coming month will focus on where you find a strong sense of self and overcome obstacles. It almost feels like Mercury wants to finish showing you how you might feel stronger than you might be aware.



Tarot Card: 4 of Pentacles
Your fellow air sign, Gemini, also got this card, so you may be dealing with a Gemini or have Gem placements. For Aquarius folks, security in all its form feels like the theme since you are coming off the 2 of Cups energy last month. See if you are too fixed on a certain person, or if you are being possessive with a certain person, perhaps your 2 of Cups partner. It may be subtle and not necessarily negative but bringing attention to this now may prevent potential issues later. The energy of June in the childlike, curious sign of Gemini wants everyone to have room to fly around, explore, and learn. The 4 of Cups is like a person holding this eager, curious butterfly under a jar. It could even be YOU that is holding yourself back from exploring something/someone, where feelings of insecurity or fear are holding you in a rigid state. Try to loosen your grip, be flexible, and think about what protection and possessiveness really mean to you this month… Where is the line between taking care and taking over yourself? 

Astro Snapshot:

If you haven't been dating and are looking to date, this month is great for you as we come to the very end of the Mercury post shadow in your house of dating and fun. If you are dating or in a committed relationship, there could very well be a deeper dive into your relationship, especially if it has to do with sensuality, passion and enjoyment. As far as yourself, Saturn stations retrograde this month in your house of self, personal identity and outlook, so a longer period of personal refinement & physical betterment/ strengthening will begin. You might also see more details arise about what you are building in your life, as Saturn will be helping to make it more solid in your life over time, so be flexible to what might be shown to you as being something that just isn't working… it’s what saturn does best in its process of refinement and growth.



Tarot Card: Queen of Cups

Moving from the physical and material realm into the emotional waters of Cups, June energy for Pisces is centered around emotional connection, healing, empathy, and compassion. This may come in as a femme person showing up to bring you these healing gifts, or it may be you who is called on to be the compassionate shoulder for someone to cry on. In my deck, this is my “therapist” card, so psychotherapy or counseling to work through something may be highlighted, as well. On a more personal/solo level, this Queen is about mastering her emotions so she can show up as her best, highest vibrational self for others. Tending to and expressing your emotions through talking it out, creative pursuits, intuitive/dream work, and/or tapping into nurturing “mother” energy is your medicine for the month of June, Pisces pals. 

Astro Snapshot:

Your second house of materials, worklife, finances and values, sees the month start off with a strong stellium in it. Be prepared this June for this area of your life, mainly work and finances, to be both challenged and to evolve. You will see a surge in passion and ambition around what you do for work and how it provides you with what you need within your daily life. You might also find that the ways in which you value this part of your life, or how you are allocating your energy in this area will get some attention. This month takes a deep dive and works to evolve all the ways you stay grounded and find stability, so pay attention to what comes up for you as it will be pointing to a more evolved way of achieving this.







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