July 2022 Tarotscopes

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July 2022 Tarotscopes

Astrology by Richard Contreras
Tarot by Kerstin Hern of The Mirrored Lantern
Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals

July 2022 Tarotscopes

 July greetings to all, and happy solar return wishes to Cancer and early Leo folks! Below are your intuitive tarot readings coupled with insightful astro snapshots by Richard, per sign, for the month ahead. I also pulled a card for the Collective, which you can use in conjunction with your personal tarot card to create a more robust narrative around what is calling your attention during this monthly cycle, or as a clarifier to your zodiac’s card.

Of note this month, again, is the 4 of Pentacles, bringing your attention to what still needs un-clutching and release to allow new, much-needed experiences to come in. Alongside the Collective card, The Princess of Swords, you are being asked to heed clear messages and information that you may be ignoring or are in denial about. Let go of the denial, it’s building a wall around you. Furthermore, Temperance popped up a couple times, which I feel echoes the 4 of Pentacles in that BALANCE is a major theme for everyone. Moderation and the Middle Way, coupled with acceptance and patience, will bring Cancerian security, comfort, and connection.

To get the most out of these Horoscopes, please read them based off of your Ascendant/ Rising sign, as these are the signs that are the basis of our monthly breakdowns. Your Ascendant sign is the sign of the Zodiac which was rising on the eastern horizon at the time, date & location of our birth, and it provides us with a much more individualized view of our personal astrology. If you do not yet know your Rising Sign, feel free to find it here: Chart Drawing, Ascendant. All you will need is the closest possible time, date & location of your birth. For those not able to find an accurate Rising Sign, you can secondarily read these horoscopes by your Sun sign and thirdly by your Moon sign.

Stay tuned for the Celestial Insights blog to see what the stars have to say, along with lunar magick offerings…

Here are your tarot + astro messages. I suggest reading your rising and sun signs:



Deck Used: Thoth Deck
Card: Princess of Swords (jumper: The Tower)

The overall energetic message for this month that you can use to expand and clarify your personal card reading is: THE PRINCESS OF SWORDS

This card in the Thoth deck represents earth + air, and in other decks, Princesses are the Pages, the curious explorers and messengers. In the Thoth deck, to me, the image looks like a fierce femme fae, a Valkyrie, or Good Folk. These are helping spirits, sometimes mischievous, that can flit and move about between worlds. In my mind’s eye, I see this fae poking us with her sword as a nudge, representing listening to our intuition and heeding signs that come through via thoughts and ideas that may or may not seem like our own. The Valkyrie are like Hermes’ femme soldiers that usher the dead to the Underworld/Other Side/Valhalla… On this metaphorical death journey, the swords chops away earthly chains and cuts through fog and nebula to reach grounded understanding and gnosis. Picture the root chakra lighting up as a bright red wheel anchoring you to Gaia while white light blasts vertically in both directions to clear clutter around your chakras, opening up your ultraviolet, high-frequency crown chakra. You are bringing the Divine to your embodied Self. You see with your mind, understand and integrate new information, and may also receive messages in dreams, from other people, or in nature.

The energy of this card, like the fae sometimes, can be a bit aggressive and straightforward. Since the Tower jumped out, this may look like expecting a big hit of change if you are tamping down the messages coming through various forms: poking you with a sword intuitively, speaking to you in dreams, or from others. Heed the messages… Ignoring the dragon doesn’t make it go away; it just gets hungrier. 

The high vibration of this card includes your clairs getting lit up/increased intuition, flashes of insight/understanding that leads to beneficial personal change/integration of Self + new earthly opportunities, and mental evolution. The low frequency includes aggression, impulsivity, intrusive thoughts, hasty decisions, and being ungrounded in a way that leads to splitting of the Self.

In a nutshell: Don’t fuck with the fae, especially when they’re trying to help! The Tower is around the corner if you deny truths. Neptune Rx also speaks to this, as this transit helps life the fog and offers a truth serum within yourself, to yourself, and interpersonally.



July starts off with Mars, the planet of passions, desires and assertion, moving into the Venus ruled sign of Taurus. This brings a lot of stimulation to July’s astrology on many different levels. This will be within your interpersonal relationships, but can also be a great spark for creativity & thinking outside the box. Passions will be high this July, with Mars being in Co- Presence with radical Uranus, expect that on a societal level, that there will be an increase in tension & division There may not be a lot that can actually be done right now around whatever tensions are being brought up by Mars and Uranus, one can even feel stuck, so try to stay grounded as the time for solution will come in the coming months. We end the month with Jupiter beginning its Retrograde period, calling us back to revisit the growth patterns we have had over the last few months. Here we will be able to reimagine something we are building in our life and we will be given more insight into deeper levels of our own personal truth or personal philosophy.


  • 7/5- Mars enters Taurus
  • 7/13 - Full Moon in Capricorn
  • 7/ 28 - New Moon in Leo
  • 7/28 - Jupiter RX in Aries
  • 7/31 - Uranus transit North Node
  • Sun: Cancer- Leo
  • Moon: Leo- Virgo
  • Mercury: Gemini- Leo
  • Venus: Gemini- Cancer
  • Mars: Aries- Taurus
  • Jupiter: Aries  
  • Saturn: Aquarius
  • Uranus: Taurus
  • Neptune: Pisces
  • Pluto: Capricorn
  • North/ South Nodes: Taurus & Scorpio



Tarot Card: 9 of Pentacles

For many of you, whatever new partnership you may have started last month is bringing you personal success and growth. Through connecting with another, you are empowering your Self and your unique talents are expanding. For others, you are experiencing, or about to experience, success in the work you do and/or your health goals. You may be going solo this month, as this is the card of a self-made person who is completing a cycle around ups and downs with finances, work/career, or health, and is now reaching the apex of whatever success means to them, as they have earned it. There is a connection to and reverence for the natural world, as well: A reminder to break up your time working/bring inside to reconnect with the natural land to stay in balance. Overall, this card reflects a strong sense of independence, landing on your feet, financial + health abundance and security, and general security and comfort in the material world—very promising for Cancer season, ruling the 4th house of home, family, and security!

Astro Snapshot:

July sees your ruling planet, Mars, entering into your 2nd house of work, money and values. Expect to see a stronger focus in these departments, as Mars brings passion and drive into the areas of your life pertaining to your career and the things in your life you value. This month’s astrology will also provide your work life with a reminder to pay attention to where and how you direct your energy. You might see that to lose a battle, you will win the war, or you may see the need to direct your attention elsewhere more suited to your longer term goals. Whatever the case, July preps you for the months ahead, specifically in the departments of your life that provide you with external and internal balance and stability. If there are any situations in your life that might be compromising this… Utilize this month's astrology to direct attention towards them, as well as to what will help keep you more grounded in general. In the coming months, you have a lot to do, so take this month to focus on these fundamentals of life so that you will have all that is needed for the months ahead.


Tarot Card: Temperance

Last month may have brought some form of upheaval or ushered in some emotional suffering, mental anguish, and even nightmares and poor sleep… All of your recent experiences are a part of your personal journeys of growth, Taurus folks, but as a zodiacal collective, you are moving through these changes together: You are not alone! This month, the Holy Guardian Angel of Fire brings peace through burning away what no longer serves throughout the month. Temperance helps inspire you to take the Middle Path to achieve stability, see what is out of balance so you can let go of something or someone to achieve peaceful balance, and gently remind you to be patient in this process. This is the Sag card, so you may be dealing with a Sag. Also, Leos got this card, so maybe a Leo. Regardless of your situation, this Solar Feminine angelic energy is bringing you cleansing and purifying fire that also reignites any lost spark inside of you. If you have felt disconnected from your Self, your purpose, or zest for life, opportunities and information will come in this month that will serve as a spark to your inner flame.

Astro Snapshot:

Venus, your ruling planet, spends this month through your house of value systems as well as physical possessions/ work. This is a great month for you to take a deeper look at your values. This exploratory dive will be into who and what you value! Therefore don’t be surprised if Venus brings forward some situations or experiences that might call into question some of these values, or for there to be some solid reminders of the beautiful relationships in your life that need to be cherished. One thing about this month that sticks out, is you will be seeing yourself through a bigger sense of yourself. July’s astrology provides you with a larger sense of yourself, so allow yourself the space to think with a little more gradiosity or romanticism when it comes to yourself in the world.  



Tarot Card: Page of Cups

Many of you let go of someone, something, or some energy last month… It was likely difficult, like white-knuckle clutching then release, but you did it. In July, this new space created from letting go is allowing for a fresh and positive emotional/creative/spiritual/relational opportunity or message to come through. For some, this really feels like inner child work healing and purification; it feels like a burden released and weight lifted off my heart chakra. For others, this feels like a dreamy, inspirational energy coming in. If you do creative work, I see a sparkling tidal wave of inspiration rushing to your shores. The same ocean is also flowing a wave of healing for all Gems, and in Cancer season, little happy crabs are coming on shore heralding some good news, bringing connection to family/ancestors, and/or offering up their shells as a protective forcefield for those who need that security. Overall, expect happy surprises and mystical experiences, especially if you engage in meditation or spiritual work near the ocean… Make room for these universal gifts by engaging your Gemini curiosity, child-like play, imagination, and trusting your intuition. Doing so will be a balm to your soul and “little you” will be so grateful.

Astro Snapshot: July has a sense of grace and beauty within it for you, as Venus brings all of her harmony, and balance into your house of self and outlook. This month, you are called to enjoy, but also, to trust in joy. After what was probably a very involved and shifting mercury retrograde last month, this month reminds you that the work you put into yourself and the foundational aspects of life, it’s time for a little rest and enjoyment. There is also a spiritual flare to this month as both venus & retrograding neptune do their thing in your 1st and 10th house. It’s a reminder for you, that not all spiritual work needs to be laborious and/or painful. There is a spirituality in enjoyment, in stopping to smell the roses. This month is a great month to do any sort of exploration or try something new in the way you express yourself physically. It could be something as simple as wearing a different color to dying your hair. July says, treat yourself like a work of art. 


Tarot Card: 4 of Cups

You may have received some news last month or had some intense communications with others… The spill-over from that energy is showing up as resistance to accepting whatever information you received, or whatever info you expressed to someone else. 4 of Cups can represent being in denial of a truth, and with the current Neptune Rx portal bringing clarity to where we romanticize or idealize others, have poor boundaries, or continue to resist the truth about something, this ongoing denial/resistance could bring a Tower moment (as the Collective card suggests). The majority of this month holds your energy, Cancers, pointing to the 1st house of Self. This is very personal! 4 of Cups likely has to do with resistance to a relationship truth or an emotional truth. The latter can show up as dissatisfaction and complacency, like chugging along in a gray, colorless existence. Use this reading as a wake-up call to identify where you are resisting change, a truth, or information that pulls you out of your comfy (but compliance) crab shell. It’s time to move shells, y’all! There’s a bigger, better one for you if you accept what is AND revise/realign your personal goals, relationships, and update how you identify as your truest Self.

Astro Snapshot:

Your communities or environment may go through some change this month as your 11th house of society, friends and groups sees both Mars traveling through, as well as Uranus transiting the North Node here. Uranus is the planet of changing of structures, and as it transits the North Node, you will be called into new territory with your groups and environment. This doesn’t need to be an epic shift, it could be as simple as a little shift in outlook. However, if there is a pending change up here, July is a great month for it. Especially with Saturn retrograding in your 7th house of relationships, you are slowly going through shifts in relationships and friendships, as well as the company you keep. Great new friendships which are long lasting are also formed for you within July and parts of the coming month.


Tarot Card: Temperance

Leos, Taurus folks also got this card, so you may be dealing with any of the fire signs, as this is also the Sag card. Your message this month is patience. If you’ve been working toward a major goal or some sort of personal change, the Middle Path or Middle Way is your advice, meaning to not over-indulge and avoid any extremes. This requires being present and accepting of all that is or isn’t, taking things day by day. This Major Arcana card shows the Holy Guardian Angel of Fire, the Divine Solar Feminine guide that walks with you, using purifying fire to burn away ego blocks. Ask yourself what parts of your Self or life may be off-balance and readjust/“clean house” where needed. Have faith in the process and most importantly in yourself, heed messages that come through in dreams, synchronicities, or from others. Fire alchemizes lead into gold, but it takes time. Your gold is on the horizon. 

Astro Snapshot:

This month gears up for a big transit for you, which is Uranus transiting the North Node. This happens in the house of public honor, reputation, responsibilities and success and it will take you into new territories. This doesn't need to be just as simple as saying that it will be a career shift, as so much of these last new months have had some of that focus for you. However, it can be anything you take pride in yourself for. Someone once told me that the 10th house is the space where if someone asked us at a dinner party, ‘what do you do,’ it’s what you would describe yourself as. This can be a career, a vested hobby, a title, or really anything you have expertise and pride in. So, that being said, July comes to shift that part of your identity up for the good! It brings boldness, confidence and radiance to this part of life, as well as reveals parts of your subconscious that might be fearful of that radiance.


Tarot Card: Knight of Pentacles

Many Virgos are in some sort of transition right now and/or have received good news/experienced success in June… You may be excitedly planning your next steps, and although you are the most practical and grounded Mercury-ruled sign, this card is a gentle reminder to take things slow and steady. There may be more news or even a better opportunity coming in (the Knight strolling in with an offering), so keep your eyes and ears open for a potential change of plans that prove to be solid opportunities. For all Virgos, whatever is transpiring in your personal worlds, stay grounded, stay on top of your responsibilities (likewise, expect new responsibilities, more work to come in), and surround yourself with hard-working, reliable people to meet your collective goals… You have no space for wishy-washy, flaky folks this month! If you are flying solo in an endeavor, make choices that focus on what is best for your long-term wellness/success, go with what is tested, tried, and true, and be both patient and persistent. Many of you are seeking some stability in an area of your life, and that will come by building a strong steady foundation, brick by metaphorical brick, now. Taking risky chances is not encouraged if the outcomes seem too good to be true, so use your common sense and natural skill sets to move forward into both security and success this month.

Astro Snapshot:

A lot of the belief about yourself and what you thought was not possible for you, will be challenged this month as you head into a beautiful end of July and August. You may have been holding onto this idea that you are faced with choosing between two things that you want. You may have had a belief pushed upon you, that you cant have both. July’s astrology seeks to help you get out of that mindset and find a way to have both. This is boosted as Mercury, moves through your 11th house of growth and gain, and seeks to help you look outside of the dated model of yourself. One of the best ways you can grow into it this month, is to be direct with yourself to not take yourself too seriously. Playfulness and imagination can be very helpful here.


Tarot Card: Strength

Libras, many of you are working hard at something in your external world (a job or relationship) and others may be having internal work and shifts occurring… This card is showing up as a message to tame your raw emotions with the lasso of compassion, not an iron fist. Be gentle with yourself and others, use your inner resources for grounding, and know that you DO have a well of inner strength to tap into, as you may need it this month. Try to consciously put yourself in a state of flow, as the infinity sign suggests… This may look like being truly present in each moment without future-predicting, accepting what/who you cannot change, and learning from difficult experiences that promote soul growth. Self-care is also a message with this card: Get solid rest and eat healthy foods to increase your stamina. Put some empowering affirmations in your phone to alert you throughout the day to muster your courage and confidence. For all Libras, in a nutshell what I’m feeling with this card is to give and receive compassion to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually empowered in July.

Astro Snapshot:

This month is big and bright for you, and you can be seeing some success in some of the personal stuff you have been working on over the last few months. You might be looking to dive deeper into a very meaningful relationship in your life, and this month’s astrology very much supports this. You might not be totally sure why you feel drawn to dive into it. It might feel like attraction, it might also be a very useful relationship for both parties, but either way it would be a great time to go into it. Be mindful of your boundaries here, as this month can actually end up being very opening for you, with Mars and Uranus transiting your 8th house together… so only open up to others as much as you would like to and don’t be afraid to say, no. With the sun and mercury in your 10th house, plus Venus in the 9th, you have a lot of people’s attention this month.


Tarot Card: Ace of Cups (jumper: 4 of Pentacles)

The combo of these two cards suggests you must let go of something/someone to let someone/something new and more aligned with your highest good to come in… It’s like you are standing in a doorway with one foot chained to a ball in an old, dark, dusty room and another foot with wings ready to fly into in a bright, clear, new room… You can’t have both, Scorps. We know letting go is hard for your sign, but the harder the task, the greater the reward. There is a fresh new opportunity coming in this month, but it is just a seed. Whether you water it by letting go of the empty pail and picking up the full pail of fresh water is up to you. For some, this is a new relationship opportunity, for others it’s an opportunity for major emotional healing, and for all Scorpios, I’d say it is connected to new spiritual/intuitive energy and insights. Declutter your psyche and energy field to make room for growth that will bring in beautiful, new connections. Remember, aces are just seeds, not guarantees. You have to do the work and water these possibilities with love, care, commitment, and intention.

Astro Snapshot:

There is a lot going on for you in your relationship and intimacy life this July and this month can provide you with the breakthrough or evolution you have been looking for in your relationship/ love life. Mars, your ruling planet, moves through the house pertaining to other people, love life and relationships. It will also come to a head at the end of July when Uranus transits the North Node. You may have been feeling over the last few months that you have been going in circles with your love life, or feeling like you want some sort of change, but may not have been able to place a finger on exactly how you want it to go… July brings that answers you have been seeking. Be careful this month to not get too extreme here, but also, realize this month is the push forward into potentially unknown territory which has been needed for some time. 


Tarot Card: 4 of Pentacles

This card is showing up a lot in July readings, so there is a collective theme of the need for security but also letting go of things that are immobilizing us from growth and moving on… For Sag folks, most of you had a major closure last month, likely a painful albeit cathartic one. This card may be showing up to gently remind you that some remnants of that release are sticking around, and by shining light on your inner Shadow and most intimate relationships, you can find those last sticky bits to let go. Ask yourself what patterns are repeating in relation to recent releases or endings? What behaviors or thoughts are on autopilot that are no longer in line with the short you’ve been making emotionally or spiritually? For many, there are ghosts from the past still haunting you, and it is up to you to invite them in, thank them, then let them go with deliberate intention. For others, this is a more practical, material realm clutching that is happening, so if you are working two jobs, dating two people, etc. and you are worn out and unhappy, it’s because you need to let one go, at least for now. You may be doubting yourself being able to handle things or succeed if you do make a release, but this card also says, “you can handle it and you will be more secure in doing so.” Likewise, remember that money isn’t everything (although it sure freakin’ helps in the world we live in), so be sure your heart is in whatever (or whoever!) you are doing.

Astro Snapshot:

This month has some strong transits happening in your 6th house of structure, routine and health. This month you will see that there are revelations happening for you around ways in which your daily routines can have some change-ups that are needed. You will see this month how you can best overcome a prominent obstacle for yourself, as Mars’ powerful presence in Taurus will help you to break up anything standing in your way. Veus finishes her transit through your 7th house of committed relationship and romance, so you can see that full manifestation of what was coming up for you romantically/ creatively in the previous month.


Tarot Card: 8 of Swords

Last month, you were asked to retreat and find sanctuary within… This month, you are still in the Swords’ mental energy, and it is showing up as creating a self-made cage built by negative self-talk, negative thoughts, and cognitive distortions. If possible, challenge the chatter in your mind; ask each thought for proof that it is real and accurate—if there is none, thank it and tell it to fuck off. Not everything you think is true! Rumi had a great CBT outline hundreds of years before behavioral therapy: The Three Gates… Ask yourself: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? This card is highlighting over-thinking, so practice mindfulness and grounding exercises. You are in a victim mindset, but it is an illusion—you have way more power than you think, and by dropping into your body and connecting with your breath, you can call your power back. Breath is language to the body that you are safe and will regulate your nervous system. If you are very anxious, activate your vagus nerve by drinking warm liquids, especially tea, deep belly breathing, exhale longer than your inhales, and hum or sing. This can empower your inner goat to head-butt those swords out of the way so you can keep moving upward on your mountain.

Astro Snapshot:

Passions, intimacy and creativity are at the forefront of your astrology this month. You may see more action & play, or feel like falling deep into your own passion projects comes easily this month, so enjoy it. This month is all about stopping and smelling the roses, enjoying the small things, and given the previous few months you have had… it’s much needed. This slowing down of things will help you to gain a better perspective on what is important and why. Watch for what is a theme for you this month with your relationships, romantic or platonic. It will be super revealing to you how a particular cycle has been at play and you will find out this year if it’s one you wish to stay in, or not. Trust your gut with this one, feel it out. While you don’t want to turn off the logistical mind, you do want to give just a little more space to listen to your body and your gut.


Tarot Card: The Fool (jumper: The Chariot)

Damn, what an awesome pull, Aquarius friends! Last month, you may have mustered the courage to let something go from your life and/or some unexpected bummers happened that knocked you off kilter. Well, this month, you can frame those as blessings in disguise as you are being offered a major fresh start and new cycle. The Fool as the zero card represents an open road full of new opportunities, experiences, and growth. It asks you to embody childlike optimism, take risks that feel right, and know that you are starting a major new karmic cycle after another one has closed out, so change is inevitable, albeit with some bumps and frustrations along the road, cuz that’s life. This is clean slate energy, and with The Chariot, you are being divinely guided, so follow your gut this month when it comes to changes and choices and roll with the punches that crop up—they won’t last forever and you will get to where you need to be, trust that. The Chariot also encourages culling your inner and outer strengths and resources to move forward safely and engage your determination and willpower to overcome obstacles. This is also the Cancer card, so themes of stability and security around home and family are in focus and will have some movement. Set and name your goals aloud this month, especially around the new moon in Leo on 7/28, because you have success and victory on the horizon in the beginnings of this new upcoming cycle. Big hugs to you, Water-Bearers!

Astro Snapshot:

This month has some sort of theme of a homecoming for you. Stuff you may have been working on for quite some time may hit a success point, or you may see that a personal milestone comes up for you this month. This month has a lot of stuff in your 4th house of home, family and past, and the happenings within this house break up old structures, taking you into new territory in relation to where you have been. It very much feels like graduation. You also will have some shifts in your family life, so look to what might be something going on either between you and your parents, you and your current household or your environment. All of what comes up for you this month is going to be a great reminder of how far you have come.


Tarot Card: 6 of Swords

Dear magical fish friends, I’m hoping you received or offered the nurturing that was available last month in the Queen of Cups card. I always mention it’s my “therapist” card in my deck, so counseling, having someone actively listen and reflect to you, or energetic and emotional nurturing were the major themes and actionable advice in June. This month, that medicine has built a boat that is ushering you across a river of healing. You may be receiving help and guidance from someone again (likewise, you may be the person doing the guiding, nurturing, and advising) that is helping you take the emotional growth and healing from last month and integrating those feelings mentally, birthing new cognitive understanding—and I want to say acceptance of what has been going on for you. This understanding and acceptance is bringing peace. Sixes are also cards of service, so giving/receiving thoughts, words, ideas that provide security, healing, and comfort this month will help move you (and/or others) along on your personal journeys. As Pisces people, this may be nonverbal communication through visual art, music, or energy work. I want to say a very specific clear message to some of you that is REALLY f’ing strong two please bear with me: You’ve been thinking about volunteering as an art or music teacher for children, neurodivergent folks, or incarcerated folks… DO IT. Not only will you be bringing healing and joy to these beautiful souls, but something in you will shift and your life will change forever. This is a North Node/karmic calling. I’m getting very teary writing this, the message is really strong and my heart feels so full. Please do this work, it’s a calling and part of your plan. To all Pisces, release the painful past and focus on the new calm and beautiful shores ahead… I’m hugging you all in my heart right now!

Astro Snapshot:

There are shifts in your networking and friends house, and with Mars being the key player here, be mindful of the relationships at play, communication or even conflict resolution. There can be a lot in store for you this month around dating, sex, or your self-expression. This brings you into a place where on many of your interpersonal fronts, things shift or are in flux. Jupiter has some positive aspects this month as it moves through your house of finances, back to your house of self identity and confidence. It feels like there can be something about yourself you are gearing up to reveal to the world in the next month or so, pay attention to what might be needed to get that ready.









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