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Citrine is an extra special variety of the quartz family, and high quality citrine is even more special! The word Citrine comes from the French word citron meaning lemon. Not to be confused with the common "fake citrine," aka heat treated amethyst, these luscious, juicy pieces are crystal clear with beautiful hues of yellow, orange, and brown.

Use these points as a center to your crystal grid, or for decoration near your bed or in a common area to add the highest frequency and cleanest vibrations to your altar and/ or home.

For more information on how to use crystals for a crystal grid, visit our blog here.

Origin: Brazil

Variety: Silicon Dioxide, Quartz

Mohs Hardness: 7

Chakra: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus

Element: Fire

Magic + Metaphysics + Healing: Manifestation, mental clarity, creativity. Inspires optimism, decisiveness, and playfulness. Is thought to help aid in digestion and metabolism.

Specs: Each crystal point has been hand selected. All have minimal cracks and inclusions, and have a perfectly polished surface. Some may even have rutile in them! This listing is for one crystal point.

  • Small points are about .75" -1" tall , approximately up to 10 grams
  • Medium points 1- 1.25" tall, approximately up to 20 grams
  • Large points 1.25- 2" tall, approximately 20+ grams

Care: To cleanse, let the point sit in a warm salt water bath. To charge it, let it dry in direct sunlight. Do not place it in a window as it can start a fire. 

Please note that because of the nature of this item, each piece is different from the other. The one you receive may not be one pictured here, but will look similar.

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