Finding Focus & Mindful Awareness

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Finding Focus & Mindful Awareness

Finding Focus & Mindful Awareness


Did you know that we're all Magicians whether we practice magic or not? Magicians shape the world with focused and often repetitive rituals. A ritual is simply a set of actions that are performed regularly, like say, brushing your teeth, or going to bed at a certain time. The result of your rituals can affect your life in both positive and negative ways, depending on what your repeated actions cultivate. So, it is best to be focused and aware of how you are shaping your own world. Ask yourself, “Where is my focus?” No Magician has ever created anything of significant merit without first mastering his/her/their focus. If you have trouble with this, an easy way to hone in on what's truly aligned with you is with our Focus and Awareness Mini Ritual Kit! ⁠


✨ Start with a clean workspace/altar. We want only the bare minimum essentials for the theme of focus. 

✨ Light the white sage leaves to focus your mind and spirit and to cleanse your space, yourself, and the items in your kit. Focus your intention on clearing negative energies. If using the large kit, use the feather or leaf to spread the smoke around. 

✨ Light the Sweatgrass braid. Imagine your pointer finger as a pen that draws with white light. Draw a clockwise circle above your head 3x and visualize the circles of light spinning down to the ground around you and your workspace as protection. Call in your ancestors and benefic spirit guides for protection and assistance, and imagine them braiding into your energy body with love and light. Do this for as long as you feel is needed.

✨ Place your labradorite and on the altar, preferably at an angle with which you can see its flashy reflections. This will be your point of focus. As the “Magicians Stone” it holds all of your magical thoughts, dreams, and inspirations neatly contained into one crystalized form. 

✨ Now place the quartz below to the left and right forming a triangle, making sure the labradorite is the center apex of the triangle.  If you only have one quartz, use another crystal, or find a stone, pebble, or marble to use, just be sure to Sage it before use. 

✨ Optional: If using the larger kit, open the Sweet Orange Essential Oil and dab it onto your candle, your third eye point, and your inner wrists. This is to anoint yourself and your flame with the sweet and potent attraction of a ripe summer orange. Orange oil reduces anxiety which is essential for streamlined focus and awareness. Use cautiously as some people may be sensitive to citrus oil.

✨ Place the turquoise candle behind it to illuminate the most important aspect of your magical world now. This is the world you cultivate and manifest from your imagination into the matrix of material world reality. Turquoise aligns with the throat chakra, encouraging you to speak your truth into being. Light your flame.

✨ Gaze upon the labradorite stone illuminated by the flame for at least a minute, and for as long as you’d like to.  Feel your heart center, and imagine the luminescent sea of colors in the stone as the Borealis light which flows through your heart. When you're comfortable, say: 

“I now command my focus and awareness to operate in alignment with the task at hand. I harness my focus as the spotlight which manifests my true will into being. “I” as the Macrocosm within the Microcosm, am the driver of this vessel, my body. For the good of all, with harm to none, this ritual is done.” 

✨ To close your ritual seal in your work by lighting the Palo Santo Stick and smudging the area and yourself. 

✨ Thank and release all your helpers and guides, and yourself for taking the time to do this ritual work. Allow your candle to burn until it’s done. Repeat as much as once a week until you really start to feel a shift in your ability to focus and concentrate. 


focus mini kit

Focus and Awareness Mini Ritual Kit


focus classic kit

Focus and Awareness Classic Kit 










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