February 2022 Tarotscopes

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February 2022 Tarotscopes

Astrology by Richard Contreras
Tarot by Kerstin Hern of The Mirrored Lantern
Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals


February 2022 Tarotscopes

February greetings, and happy solar return wishes to all Aquarius and early Pisces folks! Below are your intuitive tarot readings coupled with insightful astro snapshots per sign for this month. We've also pulled a card for the collective, which you can use in conjunction with your personal tarot card to create a robust narrative around what is calling your attention this monthly cycle. 

To get the most out of these Horoscopes, please read them based off of your Ascendant/ Rising sign, as these are the signs that are the basis of our monthly breakdowns. Your Ascendant sign is the sign of the Zodiac which was rising on the eastern horizon at the time, date & location of our birth, and it provides us with a much more individualized view of our personal astrology. If you do not yet know your Rising Sign, feel free to find it here: Chart Drawing, Ascendant. All you will need is the closest possible time, date & location of your birth. For those not able to find an accurate Rising Sign, you can secondarily read these horoscopes by your Sun sign and thirdly by your Moon sign.

Stay tuned for our Celestial Insights blog to see what the stars have to say for the month of February, along with lunar magick offerings! Here are your tarot + astro messages:


    Deck Used: Thoth Deck
    Card: 9 of Cups; Happiness

    The overall energetic message for this month that you can use to expand and clarify your personal card reading is: the 9 of Cups (yessss!). In the Thoth deck, it is called Happiness and represents the key of Love opening all doors to abundance, dream and wish fulfillment, and joy. It is experiencing a sense of satisfaction with exactly what you have at the moment, but also embodying happiness as you set goals in an optimistic, future-oriented space without the shackles of the past. The healing, nourishing waters spill over from each cup, forming a never-ending river; meaning there’s enough happiness and success for everyone. Zarathushtra said,"The number nine is sacred, and attains the summit of perfection.” Claim it.


    After Mid-January’s shifting of the North and South Nodes of the Moon into Taurus and Scorpio, where they will be transiting for 18 months, the noticeable shift in energy is becoming fully felt this February as the collective’s attention is now shifted into the fixed modalities of the zodiac. Each of the twelve signs fall into one of three modalities, being Cardinal, Fixed or Mutable. These modalities summarize the way in which a set of signs approaches life, and embodies their general temperament as a whole. The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius and are related by modality due to their nature to be more grounded and physical. These signs are concerned with staying the course and grounding into the tasks-at-hand in order to maximize the growth of whatever is going on, these are not the signs of spontaneous shifts, but rather of best utilizing energy and resources to amplify anything that has their attention.

    February we feel this shift fully, as in addition to the nodes shifting, we also have a new moon in Aquarius, followed by a full moon in Leo. This immerses the collective into the experience of the fixed energy, tethering us into physicality and security, but also drawing attention to the areas of life in need of more patience, focus and dedication. February also has a strong emphasis on willpower & ambition as Mars, the planet of power & drive, enters Capricorn, his sign of exaltation. He joins up with Venus, Mercury and Pluto in this sign to form a strong stellium in Capricorn, the sign of determination, self-discipline and refinement. 


    • Sun: Aquarius & Pisces
    • Moon: Aquarius - Aquarius
    • Mercury: Capricorn & Aquarius
    • Venus: Capricorn
    • Mars: Capricorn
    • Jupiter: Pisces
    • Saturn: Aquarius
    • Uranus: Taurus
    • Neptune: Pisces
    • Pluto: Capricorn
    • North/ South Nodes: Taurus & Scorpio 


      Tarot Card: 8 of Swords
      This card signals a feeling of being mentally confined or trapped in some way, perhaps trapped by words spoken by you or someone else, that are still lingering. There is a sense of victimhood here, so you may feel put upon, but in the Swords suit, this is not the physical realm, it is our mental space, where only we can build our realities and are in charge of them. This card is showing up to offer you the advice to change your perception about someone or something in order to wiggle out of the perceived trap or confines you feel yourself held in. You are not helpless, you are very strong, but some overwhelm, distraction, or harsh conversation may have you feeling vulnerable and lacking power. Mercury + Venus Rx feel very alive with this card, too… Doing some introspection and revising may be helpful. Even if you are not in any particular conflict, this card is a message to try to confront the thoughts going on in your mind that are making you feel activated, irritated, unsafe, uncomfortable, or any other unwanted feeling. Look up the CBT triangle! Our thoughts inform our emotions and body, which then lead to behaviors. You can change your feeling state and actions by drilling down into your thought space and challenging the ones that are not serving you.
      Astro Snapshot
      Mars spends the entire month traveling through your 10th house (Capricorn) in His sign of exaltation along with Venus, Pluto and Mercury. Here, Mars expresses Himself in the largest and loudest version of himself, bringing drive, passion and courageousness to areas of your life concerning career, legacy, public image and long term goals. Trining Uranus in Taurus, this month can provide you with the breakthrough you have been looking for to step out of a comfort zone and make calculated risks that pertain to your long term goals or career life. Don’t be surprised if at the same time, you may be clearinghouse of some unneeded clutter in the workplace or having to confront an obstacle head on. This isn’t something that should be pushed off for later. This month has a very public element to it for you, starting off the month with a New Moon in your 11th house next to Saturn. Working with the lunations of this month, it is a great time to be actively building in your life and networking, pulling on the resources and support that others have for you right now and learning from the mistakes and triumphs of others.

      Tarot Card: Ace of Wands
      Taurus friends are really in Wands energy at the beginning of this year! You are focusing on themes around your home, family, work, and more internally, soul purpose and creative expression… Or, you could read it as those themes are focusing on YOU. After some possible defensiveness or boundary work last month, there’s an energizing fresh start and new spark stirring deep inside waiting to be fanned so its flame may increase. Whether you feel it yet or not, there is a new opportunity or potential for success in your orbit. It may relate to something you have worked hard on, are inspired to work on, or creatively engage with because you are passionate about it. Use the new moon on the 1st/31st to set limitless, wild goals for whatever is brewing… This is the fertile seed that can grow strong, deep roots into a solid foundation if you give it your energy, attention, and passion. Remember, energy flows where attention goes!
      Astro Snapshot
      Action is key for you during this prosperous month as we start off February with a New Moon in your 10th house, pertaining to career and success. This is here with Saturn, the planet of hard work and dedication which ensures that what is gained during this lunation with hard work and dedication is not easily lost or taken by others. All of this trines Uranus, the breakthrough planet, in your 1st house, which pertains to your approach to life. Stagnancy and complacency is the enemy of what can be built here and this month pulls on Taurus’s energetic gift of using momentum to its advantage. What can be a challenge here is the starting of that movement itself or a shifting in gears, but the astrology for you right now ensures that once that movement is started, things become a lot easier and can grow exponentially. Venus, your ruling planet, is now moving directly in her post-shadow phase in your 9th house, helping you to apply something new and improved to the departments of life pertaining to spirituality, higher learning and forward thinking. Here she really can help with applying long term solutions which bring out the best in who you are and what you are all about for those around you or the world at large to see.  
      Tarot Card: Queen of Pentacles
      You’re still in the realm of Pentacles, Gemini, and this month, you are in the following-through and mastery phase around money, work, your health, or any other material/physical aspects resonant for you personally. Perhaps last month you heeded the call of the Hanged Man who asked you to pause, surrender something throwing you off balance, and take a new perspective to see the full picture. Whatever you did worked, because this month, you are in charge and thriving! Claim your abundance and your seat at the throne… For others without a particular situation, this card is really speaking to a felt sense of security that you are finally starting to experience—be it at work, with finances, or in your body. I feel like for some, the Full Cancer moon may have kicked up some dust around security/comfort, shining light on barriers, and you have now moved out the blockages between you and security, emotional and physical comfort, and abundance. If you are not there yet, check in with yourself about where, with whom, and when you feel unsafe so you can participate in change and move toward the mastery of your temple.
      Astro Snapshot
      We start off the month with Mercury finishing his retrograde in your 8th house, RIGHT next to Pluto, the planet of transformation and rebirth. My advice would be to reflect on what Mercury has been shaking up for you since January 4th, as it pertains to your outlook, aspirations, finances and shared resources. Upsets to your status quo during this period of time are really blessings in disguise and you will see during this month this much needed shift in perspective and complication to the story is now going to prove to be a major aid in your growth. Pluto’s involvement with this retrograde provides you a unique opportunity to permanently shift the story for yourself and to say goodbye to old patterns you have been stuck in. Mercury will not retrograde over Pluto again this year, so this month really is a great time to utilize the powers of transformation and to embrace endings as opportunities to make space for something new. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, blessings and faith moves through the 10th house for you, bringing all of his expansion and faith to the area of your life dealing with long term goals, as well as personal and public success.
      Tarot Card: Queen of Pentacles
      Geminis also got this card, and it’s funny, because I just wrote that I felt like this card is anchored into folks’ senses of security in relation to whatever was going on around the Full Cancer moon in January… So, that is the same message for you, Cancers! Your crab shell is cleaned up and shiny, any debris trapped inside that was making you uncomfortable or insecure got washed away with the tides. I would offer to keep digging around in your “psyche shell” and make note of any people, situations, places or other “triggers” that make you feel disconnected from feeling at home your body, at home in your actual home, or that threaten security and stability around work and finances. For many, like Gems, this feels like a fruition card that is acknowledging February as a turning point of reaping benefits and abundance in the material realm of finances, employment, and physical health. Also of note, I saw The Lovers several times while shuffling, so bringing that card into the mix may bring some clarity for some of you, as well.
      Astro Snapshot
      Mars has entered his sign of exaltation (Capricorn), in your house of relationships, partnership and interpersonal connections. While relationships may be affected by ego, strong wills and insensitive speech, it can equally be a great time to work together to achieve goals collectively or to address some unaddressed issues within romantic and/or platonic relationships. Saturn’s presence in your house of communal resources and joint ventures will serve as a stern reminder to be mindful of your relationship to others this month, as it might become a little too easy to focus exclusively on your own will and forget about the effect it may have on others, so be mindful of this. Venus also spends the month moving through this territory for you, which can bring new relationships forward and /or aid in the construction of long lasting relationships. This month's New and Full Moon falls in your 8th and 2nd house axis, working together with Saturn to bring forward the themes of work, finances and material growth. These lunations are great for taking a deeper look at where you stand with happenings at work, your finances and what might need to be slightly tweaked, or majorly shifted to work in better harmony with your values and goals.
      Tarot Card: The Sun
      Leos, you are going to be really coming into your own in February… Your card for the month is YOUR card: The Sun! Our radiant star we travel around that gives life, promotes growth, and brings vitality. Whatever you may have been working on or toward may hit the jackpot this month, as The Sun is a card about success and being seen for your efforts. We also have a Full Leo moon this month, which is maybe signaling a timing window for Leos waiting for something to reach a culmination point. For others, this card may be bringing your attention to actively seeking the radiant light of the sun because you have been in the shadows and need some invigorating energy. Consciously shifting into an optimistic state and actually physically getting some vitamin D from the sun outside may be what the doctor ordered. Also, this card is about connecting with your inner child and inviting the freedom of play and vulnerability to resurface if you’ve felt bogged down. Active Imagination is my major therapy practice for February, and between this card (a happy child playing in a pure, vibrant space) and both lunations next month, I would say Leos are called to do this work, for sure, especially if you are trying to move a psychological or creative block out of the way.
      Astro Snapshot
      This month, the strong shifting energy that will be present all year for you (and other fixed rising signed people) will become more clear and visible. We start off with an Aquarius New Moon happening in your 7th house, under the rulership of Saturn, and squaring Uranus in Taurus. This lunatation brings forward new beginnings and /or evolution in relationships and interpersonal connections. Here Saturn helps to work WITH you to build for your future success. His help comes through being realistic and objective, reminding you to take an honest look at where you are at now in relation to where you are coming from. Here Saturn can help to redirect your forward trajectory if needed, or help to solidify your position, either way, this month is very focused on the future and building. There may potentially be revelations in your relationships that no longer can be avoided or might need to be seen to bring about a new appreciation for where things are, and /or where you want them to be.  
      Tarot Card: The Fool
      I want to note that 5 of Cups popped out a bit, and I feel compelled to mention it because some Virgos may need both of these cards for better context. Overall, though, Virgos are entering February with a clean slate, fresh start, baggage-free and optimistic, if you choose to walk that path! There may be some relationships or emotional situation that has you feel stuck in muddy, dense energy, but if you can grieve what is gone/the cups that have spilled over, and find the will to turn around and see the cups that remain upright, the Fool is waiting for you on the other side of the bridge. For others, there is a new opportunity around a MAJOR cycle (this could be any suit: relationships/emotions, ideas/communication, creativity/community, money/health) that is open to you this month. This is an initiation, so if you are trepidatious about saying yes to something new and big, this card is saying YES for you. This card also just serves as a ongoing reminder to engage The Fool in your mindset… They are free from the weight of the past and all about taking risks for a bigger future that, with bumps along the way, will absolutely serve their highest good and personal growth.
      Astro Snapshot 
      As your ruling planet, Mercury, starts off the month finishing his retrograde in your 5th house, the area of creativity and passions, you may be feeling this month that applying a more creative or ‘outside the box’ approach to what you are working to enhance in your life right now, will be what does wonders! Mercury makes things more complex and helps us to stay out of a black-or-white mindset with things. With the planet which is ruling over Mercury right now, Saturn, moving through your 6th house, the area concerned with personal betterment and wellness, applying some of what Mercury is about right now can really be useful. Likewise, you may be finding this month really activates romance and /or dating, self-expression or potentially even drama, as Mars and Venus spend the month moving through the area for you pertaining to these things. Mindfulness around conception is important as this can be a very fertile time for partners when it comes to children.
      Tarot Card: 8 of Swords
      Damn, Libras, some of y’all are going through some major interpersonal changes, but they are for your optimal personal growth! Another 8 = so more reevaluation and assessment of a certain situation, but this time, it’s moved from relational/emotional up to your mind space. Aries also got this card… Ask yourself: What words you are hearing yourself say that are not completely true? What thoughts are taking over your mind that are using up all your precious energy? Like I mentioned to our ram friends, check out the CBT triangle if you are cool with reading about psychotherapy. It depicts how our thoughts inform our emotions (so we feel something even if the thought is not true—it takes over our body) and then we react or behave based on those thoughts and feelings… If they are not true and most importantly, if they are not serving you, then trace your steps back, confront each thought, challenge it, and replace it with one that is in service to your inner peace and heart. These thought distortions are easy to turn into habits, like “all or nothing” thinking: If you hear yourself say, “this always…” or “I never” before expressing something, challenge the validity! Confront, challenge, and pluck out each of those swords and it will help move toward a mind that is more calm.
      Astro Snapshot
      Things can be heightened right now around areas of life pertaining to your family, situations from the past &/or your personal history. This by no means needs to be a negative thing, in all reality, Mars bringing some of these things forward for you can lead to a great amount of growth! It is best to take charge of these things and to engage with them. Mars likes to divide and draw differentiation between things in order to realign us with goals and optimize our use of energy. With Mars moving through your 4th house, Mars can be an ally to help focus on some stuff here. With Venus this month, it is an extra important time to focus on self-care and tending to your emotional wellbeing as well as to be clear with ourselves and others about what might not be respecting the integrity of our personal boundaries, as well as way in which we are looking to be engaging deeper emotionally with our partners or valued relationships.  
      Tarot Card: 3 of Swords (jumper: Justice)
      Whew, ok. So Justice jumped out of the deck, calling attention to a major personal cycle or a theme in a collective setting involving truth coming to light, or the requirement of weighing out all possibilities, making a decision based solely on facts and truth, even it’s hard to do. For some, actual legal work is happening (court, a settlement, etc.) and this month it wraps and (hopefully) justice is served. More obliquely, Justice is the Libra card, and Libra is all about relationships and balance, fairness, equality, and reciprocity. So weaving those keywords into the 3 of Cups, there may be an out-of-balance relationship that is meaningful to you, and it may very likely be off-kilter from the impact of a third party. Whether it’s a friend or family member triangulating, or another lover, this probably isn’t news to you, and this card is showing up to bring your attention to this matter that is no longer sustainable; a conversation needs to be had. With this card, I often relate it to harsh words spoken that could feel heartbreaking, so bringing attention to that situation if that is resonant, and getting things back in balance by being honest and sharing your/the truth. Lastly, as a student of psychology, I feel that this card can show up when our mind is hijacking our heart, and we lose touch with our feelings. In any of these scenarios, the common theme is pain felt from some disappointing thoughts/words/interjection. You can start to mend the wound by moving toward truth with yourself and others.
      Astro Snapshot
      Your pace of life might feel like it has been turned up a notch this month and similar to the other fixed signs (Taurus, Leo and Aquarius), the transformational trend of this year will begin to be more noticeable throughout this month. This month is all about looking at stuff in your life that may be excess weight, or even an obstacle! This stuff probably is emotional baggage that you may have been carrying around for quite some time, and this month you are reaching a point where it is either too much to keep carrying around, or you may be giving yourself permission to let it go. Both the New Moon and the Full Moon are super supportive of this for February. This month also may bring back blasts from the past, old friendships or even past lovers.
      Tarot Card: Temperance (jumper: 7 of Wands)
      Sag folks had the 7 of Wands last month, so some energy is carrying over into this month involving guarding your energy, your work/how you make money, or some family dynamic defensiveness. Your primary card, Temperance, is the warm hand on your back that is gently calming you down, helping you ground, and instill patience. Moderation is needed somewhere in your world, so scan and find what is out of balance and do what is in your power to get it in check. Themes of control and security were big at last month’s full moon, so maybe check in with yourself with those spaces, as well. This card is also a guide showing you the Buddhist Middle Path, or any similar way that you engage with spiritually (this can be ANYTHING meaningful to you). By being open to that “greater than you” energy, you can anchor back into your body while also be in a state of receiving comfort from Divine energy that reminds you that you are never truly alone. Actively seeking environments, people, and practices that bring you peace and tranquility will sooth some of the fire that may be running wild and get you in balance.
      Astro Snapshot  
      I see this month as being very supportive and nurturing for you on the emotional front, and you may find throughout February, spontaneous reminders from the world around you, that all the personal work you did on yourself over the last year- and- a-half, is definitely paying off! 2020- 2021 was hard on the world as a whole, but definitely felt like it did a number on you. This year provides a major breakout from that pattern for you, and February will show you the ways that 2022 has new realities on the horizon for you. Financially, there is a stellium formed in your house of financial groundedness, resources and money making. This is a great time to shift these areas of your life into the next gear, because doing that this month will provide you with the groundwork for major advancements in the near future.
      Tarot Card: 3 of Cups
      A lovely card to join with the Collective card, Happiness, this month is highlighted with exciting events, a celebration, and/or a happy breakthrough with friends. Threes represent creation and creativity, and cups are emotions and relationships, so you may be collabing in a creative way with friends, or simply nourishing and cultivating a new friendship this month that brings you joy. For some, as we always ask what are attention is called to, you will need to tend to friendships in some way… Either reaching out to someone you haven’t spoken to, resolving something outstanding, or being there for someone who needs your ear. In any case, this card and the 9 of Cups are foretelling happiness, resolution, joy, and celebration!
      Astro Snapshot
      This month is TURNED UP for you! With a collection of 4-5 planets sitting in your sign for the duration of February, there is a strong emphasis on beginning something new and a major push into new territory right now. One of these planets is Mars, who’s strong will, passion and force is heightened in Capricorn, bringing all of this charge to the area of your life pertaining to beginnings, personal identity and your outlook on life. Mars here in the 1st house, is all about individuation. You may find during this time that one of the best things you can do, is to assert yourself a little more and give yourself permission to think bigger about what you want to be and do right now. Be mindful to not go overboard with this, but in balance, this focus on the self can be extremely fertile for future happenings. The New and Full Moons this month are happening in the area of life pertaining to money, valuables and resources… so be present to the ways that these lunations can focus on the story of those things for you throughout February.
      Tarot Card: 3 of Swords
      The readings this month are doubling up with many signs. For you, Scorpio also got the 3 of Swords. You may be dealing with a Scorpio or perhaps have Scorpio placements and this card really wants your attention this month… and as I sit with it, I feel like this is really a psychological pull versus a “heartbreak” relational pull dealing with another person. If a relational context resonates with you, I would read the Scorpio tarotscope, but for others (also not in Scorpios tarotscope) this feels like your mind has hijacked your heart. As an air sign, this is easy to do, but it feels like a longer-term pattern with yourself or a particular person, where you get triggered by them and it affects you emotionally. I even want to say “three times a charm” with the 3 swords, like there have been 3 instances, and this month you are DONE. Take note where your thoughts get the better of you and say “hey! Hold on…” and pause any ruminations by asking yourself if you really have the energetic space for them. The new moon in your sign is a great time to set the intention to get your head clear and break through mental boundaries that affect your emotional well being. Saturn is in the mix, so that offers stability and long-term change if you put your attention into this work. If the accompanying feelings are loneliness, feeling left out, even betrayal, the work is here is to question: are these even my people? Is that betrayal real? This is a learning experience, Aquarius! You have the power to pull those swords out and let your heart heal over using compassionate self-attention as your balm.
      Astro Snapshot
      There is a lot going on in your inner world this month, so be careful to check any unwanted dialogue with yourself that feels harsh, or where you might be holding yourself to a standard you would never hold someone else to. You may also find this month that certain long running situations may be coming to an end, or you may become aware of some of the unconcious ways in which you cut yourself short. This is due to all the happenings going on in your 12th house. Contrary to that, the New and Full Moons this month are happening in your 1st & 7th houses, the house axis which deals with your own personality, relationship goals, plus the ways you engage with yourself and others. There can be a lot of growth &/or breakthrough in the departments pertaining to committed relationships this February.
      Tarot Card: 5 of Swords
      Pisces friends, 5s show up when we need to bring our attention to conflict or friction that needs an action/change, and in this case, it’s around open communication, likely an argument. Some of you may have been or will be involved in an squabble (perhaps in a public space or involving other people) where words were thrown like daggers or information was shared in order to win at the cost of integrity or respect. Regrets usually accompany the interaction with this card, as well, so weigh out the cost of “getting something off your chest” with holding space for peace. The work here is 2-part: One, to not let jealousy or resentment take over your behaviors; and two, to lean into the tension and see why what was said was said… Impact over intention, yes, but what was the real intention there, what’s it connected to?? I feel like it’s a challenge/opportunity for growth for some of you to not slink away after a disagreement OR to know when to walk away from a potentially abusive situation. This card may serve as a warning to not engage (from either side) with bullying or hostile communication. When your uniquely-psychic Pisces spidey senses go off around a certain person, walk away and leave that m**********r in the dust. You don’t deserve to be spoken to or about like that. No one does! If you can’t avoid it, confront with compassion but guarded inside strong personal boundaries, which you can state out loud to make clear your space.
      Astro Snapshot
      A lot can be said for you this month about focusing on wellness, making space for quiet reflective time and even engaging with your spiritual practices to help to stay grounded. This is needed during February, as the volume is turned up for you in the 11th house, the area of life pertaining to groups and society at large. The 11th house also deals with hopes and dreams, with what we aspire to become. Therefore, don’t be surprised during this month, if Mars and the other planets in your 11th, boost or re-ignite new levels of your hopes and dreams. Be careful during February with how you communicate with others or with how you work through problems with others when necessary.




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