Celestial Insights: September 2022

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Celestial Insights: September 2022

Insights by Kerstin Hern of The Mirrored Lantern  / Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals 

Celestial Insights    September 2022

September harvest blessings to all! The Pagan sabbat celebration this month is Mabon, which falls on September 22. This is the autumn equinox and harvest festival that has very ripe and abundant “crops” or whatever you had planted as a seedling and have been cultivating throughout 2022. Lammas gave you a taste of the direction, success, and growth you were achieving, and Mabon is maximizing that growth and bringing even greater insights. Feasting, music, ritual, and sharing of resources are all joyful and meaningful ways to give gratitude to the land, to your body, to your support system folks, and to your Guides/Spiritual helpers/Universe/God. Being the autumnal equinox, this means there is equal light and dark on the 22nd, symbolizing bringing in and/or working toward sacred balance in all life areas. In any case, practice gratitude and also make preparations for the winter, literally or metaphorically! By resourcing yourself and practicing various ways to be grounded, healthy, and experience security now, you will be able to safely grow and “survive” the shadow work of winter.

There is a “general” peaceful vibe available throughout the month as there are no major friction transits, however, this relative stillness is an excellent time to personally slow down and reflect on where you are at regarding goals and personal work. I would offer that September may be a good month for integrating all of the information, energy, and experiences you have been involved in since eclipse season started.

Mercury goes Rx in Libra on the 10th, so another specific invitation to slow down, reassess, revisit, realign, review, and reset is in place, especially around relationships and whatever house Libra rules in your chart. There are a LOT of Rx planets right now (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron), so slowing down, reevaluation, and introspection are very valuable in September. For those wanting to move forward or get a boost in a particular life zone, the Mars/Jupiter alignment will be an energizing catalyst set to expand and shower some good luck in whatever house Mars and Jupiter meet up in for you, too.

Make note of the full and new moon energy and other significant transits below to prepare for and work with the cosmic flow in September. Use the full and new moons’ symbols, themes, each lunation’s tarot card partner, herbs for candle magick, crystals, affirmations, and more to personalize your own rituals around invocations and releases during those energetic portals. 


Notable Transits:

  • September 4: Venus ingress Virgo (detail-oriented, attention to minutiae, practicality, and grounded/realistic approach to romance, relationships, and money) 
  • September 9: Mercury Retrograde in Libra (3rd Rx for Mercury, so some info or people may be coming back up to finish the story; reassessments around and potential misunderstandings in relationships and where we seek balance may emerge)
  • September 10: Full Moon in Pisces (dissolving what isn’t working to rebuild, awareness around escapism, dreamy, creative, and ethereal—albeit it emotional—energy that can be healing)
  • September 11: Sun in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus (harmonious, flowing aspect between the Self/your identity and the Collective/others; enthusiastic, expansive, and experimental vibes and confidence in engaging your uniqueness)
  • September 16: Venus in Virgo square Mars in Gemini (potential for chilly judgement causing friction against carefree playfulness; conflict between heart and mind feeling restrictive and criticized) 
  • September 18: Sun in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn (personal empowerment activated, very grounding but energized aspect promoting harmony and confidence in meeting goals)
  • September 19: Venus in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus (harmonious but electrical aspect inviting you to expect the unexpected around Venusian matters of love, relationships, money, particularly inner revelations)
  • September 22: Sun ingress Libra (season of promoting peace, love, harmony, balance, and diplomacy with a focus on relationships)
  • September 22: Mabon (pagan sabbat, 2nd harvest festival, maximum abundance and gratitude with equal light and dark, so attention to balance/imbalance, as well)
  • Mercury 23: Mercury Rx ingress Virgo (ideas, thoughts, and communications do well to be slowed down and use Virgo medicine of meticulousness and combing through details in its domicile sign, however may cause seem anxiety regarding scrutiny in lower vibration of Mercury in Virgo) 
  • September 25: New moon in Libra (focus on cleansing and/or rebirthing some relationships, expanding/opening relationships, balancing power, harmonizing communication, and relationship transformation) 
  • September 27: Mars in Gemini trine Saturn in Aquarius (takin’ care of business, motivation and confidence around completing tasks, teaching/learning, hard work paying off, and clever and practical thinking coming together—great for any big projects)
  • September 29: Venus ingress Libra (a very delightful aspect, Venus is at home in Libra, laser-focused on most intimate/important relationship(s) met with diplomacy, gentleness, and effort to create harmony, with a splash of flirting and charm)


September 2022 Lunations 

Full Moon in Pisces
Solve Et Coagula
Saturday, September 10, 2022 // @ 17 degrees of Pisces
2:59 am PST // 5:59 am EST



This full moon is also called the Harvest Moon, calling attention to cosmic light highlighting all the abundance at hand before us. This name came from back in the day, pre-electricity, when farmers used the big bright light of the moon to see their crops in the dark in order to harvest them. Metaphorically, using this moon “to see in the dark” is meaningful, as Pisces moves between realms and thrives in the liminal, often dark, spaces. 

The moon will be forming a harmonizing aspect with Uranus, creating a flow laced with ease and grace to move through shifts, changes, and sudden insights in the ethereal realm of Pisces’ lunar shadows. 

In the spirit of Pisces + Neptune energy, dissolution is very alive this lunation… Neptune can dissolve boundaries, for better or worse, acting as a guide between and around the liminal spaces within our psyche and energetically between ourselves and others. Solve et Coagula is an alchemical term which means to dissolve and coagulate. Jung incorporated alchemical principles into his work regarding individuation through Shadow integration, working with the Collective Unconscious, and using the stages of alchemy to reflect the steps in one’s transformation journey toward wholeness.

We can think about our releases on this full moon as less of a “chopping off” and dislodging and more of a dissolving of all the pieces, transmuting the dense energy through affirmations, spell work, journaling, and awareness, and then coagulating what has been broken down into minutiae back to solid form into something that serves us better = gold. This is the Philosopher’s Stone/the alchemical gold. In your life, this can be a relationship that needs gentle dissolving to reconnect, parts of you that needs dissolving/dissecting to understand them completely and then re-integrate them back into your Self, or anything else that comes up for you during this eternal time. The idea is that there is no destruction or heavy weight lifted (necessarily); it is more of an energy to work with the weight—accepting it, then re-distributing it better, while using Uranus as the alchemical fire to make the change and shape shift happen.

Uranus is sextiling the moon, which is a flowing aspect that promotes growth and change harmoniously. This speaks to the dissolution and transformation energy that we achieve with Uranus’ lightning and are inspired by moving between realities, seeing the others’ side by traveling into their psychic realms, recording dreams to get deeper insights into what is hidden in our fantasies, and using water as our cleansing agent. Be in an infinity flow state, a drifting, floating state, as much as you can around this time. We often miss important things when we are frantically paddling against the waves versus flowing with them.



dissolving “base elements” to re-form and coagulate into “gold”, spiritual alchemy, releasing internal blockages, sitting with dense emotions, cleansing through creativity, forgiveness, moving between multiple realities, liminal spaces, the unconscious, transpersonal experiences, increased intuition, pineal gland activation, day dreams, night dreams, astral projection, mysteries, swimming, jumping timelines, positive sudden change, unexpected downloads, ET contact, spiritual technology, energetic shifts, 5D, rain, dolphin, mermaid, ocean, all forms of water, sea green, ocean blue, turquoise, all blues, lavender, Neptune (planet and god), Poseidon, Hatmehit, Aphrodite/Eros/Typhon, Inanna, Vishnu



Find your sun or rising sign below to see what area of your life will be most impacted by this full moon:  

  • ARIES: 12th House (the unconscious, psychic gifts, who/what is hidden, inner dialogue)
  • TAURUS: 11th House (friends, social groups, your community) 
  • GEMINI: 10th House (career, achievements, public status)
  • CANCER: 9th House (higher learning, teaching, spirituality, expansion)  
  • LEO: 8th House (transformation, the occult/mystery, other people’s money)  
  • VIRGO: 7th House (intimate relationships, partnerships, known enemies) 
  • LIBRA: 6th House (health, daily routines, pets)
  • SCORPIO: 5th House (creativity, pleasure, children)   
  • SAGITTARIUS: 4th House (home, family/ancestors, security)
  • CAPRICORN: 3rd House (communication, student, community, siblings) 
  • AQUARIUS: 2nd House (your financial and personal value, material possessions))  
  • PISCES:1st House (identity, personality, appearance



  • Deities: Neptune, Poseidon, Hatmehit, Aphrodite/Eros/Typhon, Inanna, Vishnu
  • Tarot Card: The Moon (the unconscious, dreams, intuition, instincts, all things mystical, not everything is as it seems, secrets, moving through the fog, using goddess energy)
  • Candles: all shades of blue, silver, white, Water Element Candle
  • Crystals: aquamarine, amethyst, turquoise, rose quartz, clear quartz, moonstone, selenite, lapis lazuli, smokey quartz, aragonite, malachite, jasper, obsidian
  • Herbs + Oils + Resins: chamomile (comfort, protection, peace), sage (purification, cleansing, protection), mugwort (psychic activation, astral travel, dream wisdom, healing), burdock root (foot comfort/healing, purification, uplifting), Angelica root (femme energy, healing, clearing, uncrossing, Archangel Michael association), myrrh (introspection, transformation, self-healing, full moon offering), copal (emotional healing, transmutes negativity, release of bad memories), cedar (healing, protection, cleansing), dandelion (cleanses/activates intuitive pathways), mushrooms/adaptogens


In Pisces, a water sign, you can write out your full moon releases or those you want to forgive on a small piece of paper, speak them aloud facing west (water direction), and then submerge them in water (ocean water if you have access) overnight. If you are getting rid of MAJOR releases, like… big time rubbish, my favorite water moon ritual release is flushing that shit down the toilet! Be sure you use toilet-friendly paper to write down your releases.


"On this full moon in Pisces, I allow what is calcified and stagnant to dissolve into a million tiny pieces. I honor and thank each piece, understand its purpose, cleanse each piece, and allow the Universe to put these pieces back together in a more healthy, beautiful, and aligned form. May I gain wisdom and expansion by moving between co-existing realities and worlds safely. May I dream deeply to retrieve hidden information. May everything I bring my attention to with the light of Luna turn to gold. May I keep flowing with time and space. I know I am exactly where I need to be, and I am making room for even more abundance. So mote it be!” 


Pisces rules the feet, melatonin (sleep hormone and connected to our circadian rhythm), and endocrine system, including the pineal gland (our consciousness gland and our third eye!). The pineal gland was dubbed “The Seat of the Soul” by French philosopher Descartes, and connects us to creativity, spirituality, and lucid dreaming. If you work with plant medicine, this is an auspicious albeit powerfully emotional full moon to activate your pineal gland (where we naturally produce the hallucinogenic compound, DMT). Sun gazing at sunrise or sunset can also activate your pineal gland. Breathwork and aromatherapy are great accompaniments to third eye activation, as well.

Do a foot soak in Epsom salt, foot reflexology or massage with lavender oil, sleep in an extra couple of hours, drink mugwort tea before bed then record your dreams in your dream journal the next morning, and practice meditation, mindfulness, and gratitude



New Moon in Libra
Regeneration & Expansion In Your Relationship Mansions
Sunday, September 25th, 2022 @ 2 degrees of Libra
2:55 pm PST  //  5:55 pm EST

This sweet new moon will oppose Jupiter, and shortly after its peak, Mercury and Venus will be in conjunction, sextiling Pluto. This creates a focus on and opens up conversations around balancing power, harmonizing communication, and relationship transformation with saccharine undertone, as keywords here are expansion (Jupiter opposition), joining (conjunction), and harmonious growth (sextile).

There are new potentials for all Venus themes, such as love, romance, money, beauty, and relationships, which may be manifested through writing and speaking them into being during the Mercury alignment with Venus. This aspect is also propelled by Pluto, which can invoke rebirth (or gestation) of anything that may have been dissolved around the full moon or was brought into focus. The Jupiter opposition can bring the expansive energy of joy into the mix, but in Aries, also has the potential to inflate the ego a bit and/or the potential to create an impulsive or “rushing into things” energy, so perhaps be cognizant of times when you are in frenetic energy… Stay grounded and slow down mentally in this air sign that appreciates and promotes balance.

The Jupiter aspect does encourage sharing and coming out of your shell if you are on the more shy side, too!

Expansion could also mean traveling (with a partner or to a partner in a long distance relationship), trying out different relationship styles (some may open their relationship), or the more self-reflective work of exploring your inner world and your relationship to your Self, your attachment style, and seeking balance while “installing” new healthy programs to run in your mental space. Jupiter also rules the 9th house of spirituality, higher learning, and teaching, so many may be setting new goals around these themes. 



relationship focus, inner and outer energetic balance, expansion of connection, harmony, love languages, love letters, new romance, rekindling or rebirth of old romance, transforming existing relationship, playful sensuality, flirting, diplomacy, analyzation/communication of needs, peace, negotiation, recognizing projections, identifying power dynamics in relationships, fresh starts, new relationships, fairness, social justice, activism, beauty, luxury, art, balance scales, claw, wolf, crow, bronze sword, rose, aster, bluebells, copper, pastel green, pastel pink, indigo, Hermes, Mercury, Thoth


Find your sun or rising sign below to see what area of your life will be most impacted by this new moon: 

  • ARIES: 7th House (intimate relationships, partnerships, known enemies)
  • TAURUS: 6th House (health, daily routines, pets)  
  • GEMINI: 5th House (creativity, pleasure, children)  
  • CANCER: 4th House (home, family/ancestors, security)
  • LEO: 3rd House (communication, student, community, siblings)  
  • VIRGO: 2nd House (your financial and personal value, material possessions) 
  • LIBRA: 1st House (identity, personality, appearance) 
  • SCORPIO: 12th House (the unconscious, psychic gifts, inner secrets/dialogue) 
  • SAGITTARIUS: 11th House (friends, social groups, your community)  
  • CAPRICORN: 10th House (career, achievements, public status)
  • AQUARIUS: 9th House (higher learning, teaching, spirituality, expansion)  
  • PISCES: 8th House (transformation, the occult/mystery, other people’s money) 



  • Deities: Hermes, Mercury, Thoth, Lakshmi, Lady Justice, Dike (Greek pantheon), Themis (Greek), Shukra (Hindu), Hera, Geb
  • Tarot Card: Justice (balance, fairness, clarity, equality, accountability, integrity, truth, legal work, rational thought, analysis, mutuality, reciprocity)
  • Candles: dark orange, pastel green, pastel pink, indigo/dark blue
  • Crystals: Wear or place on altar: fire opal (birth stone, unity, love, vitality, loyalty, endurance), chrysolite/green peridot (sun stone, heals past, understanding), rhodonite (release from codependency and personal balance, compassion, and self-love),sapphire (grounding and focus to center the air), lapis lazuli (speaking your truth), smokey quartz (detoxes negative energy  to bring emotional balance), jade (wisdom, balance, prosperity, health), aventurine (Stone of Opportunity, luck, confidence, creativity), and diamond(libra stone for strength, commitment, and endurance). In the spirit of balance, create a symmetrical crystal grid around your candle and petition. 
  • Herbs + Oils + Resins: bergamot (joy, success), jasmine (love attraction, soul mate love, confidence), passionflower (peace, friendship, meditation), rose (love, romance, friendship, protection), peppermint (mental stimulation, clarity), ylang ylang (aphrodisiac, attraction, releases fear), ashwagandha (stress relief, balance, love herb, Mars/fire herb) 

Write your intentions as specifically as possible on a small piece of paper, in the present tense, as if they are already happening or already happened. Fold it 3 times toward you, symbolizing bringing energy to you, and place on your altar under your crystals. You may also place your petition under your air element candle or chime candle before you light your candle. This is an air moon, so safely burn petition then blow ashes into wind.


"On this new moon in Libra, may all abundance that is mine begin to expand, grow and join with my path. I claim all potentials and blessings that sweeten my life, and I balance my abundance by also giving without expectation to those I love and those in need. May my relationship with _____ be threaded with peaceful energy and grow in more healthy ways. My we both/all show up to create a balance of power and a balance of energy between us. May this sacred balance be our medicine. May unconditional love be our glue. May we allow each other to change and grow. I choose compassion. I choose truth. I choose to expand all forms of love. I am open to receive all forms of love, both known and new, when I am ready to receive them for my highest good. So mote it be.” 


Libra rules the skin, kidneys, endocrine system, veins, and lower back/bum. Drink lots of water and green tea to flush kidneys and be mindful of booze and sugar. Stretch your back by doing the legs-up-the-wall pose, cat-cow, sphinx or cobra, or other lower back yoga poses. Enjoy a face mask and body scrub in the shower to tend to your skin. Write yourself or a loved one love letter, press flowers into it, spray some rosewater in it.

Promote healthy + balancing communication and connection this lunation with the Communication & Connection Crystal Kit!


Wishing you all a sacred dissolution during the full moon and an expansively connective new moon this September! 




Kerstin from The Mirrored Lantern has practiced right hand path magick and tarot for over 29 years and has been a lover and learner of astrology for just as long… She is currently in graduate school for Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Spiritual & Depth Psychology and is a pre-licensed psychotherapist in Los Angeles. Follow her on Instagram @themirroredlantern for witch tips, tarot, occulture, and depth psych tidbits! 

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