August 2022 Tarotscopes

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August 2022 Tarotscopes

Astrology by Richard Contreras
Tarot by Kerstin Hern of The Mirrored Lantern
Original art for J. Southern Studio by Spirited Animals

August 2022 Tarotscopes

August greetings to all, and happy solar return wishes to Leo and early Virgo folks! Below are your intuitive tarot readings by me (Kerstin) coupled with insightful astro snapshots by Richard, per sign, for the month ahead. I also pulled a card for the Collective, which you can use in conjunction with your personal tarot card to create a more robust narrative around what is calling your attention during this monthly cycle, or as a clarifier to your zodiac’s card. 

Tarot Highlights:

The Sun and Strength were pulled, popped out, and landed-on while cutting the deck several times. These solar cards REALLY wanted to be seen! I also noticed The Sun and Page of Swords were together when cutting the deck during shuffling together at least 3 times. I feel it’s important to note this dyad highlights finding the courage to speak your truth, express yourself freely without letting your ego talk you out of it, listen to children’s voices, and engage in healthy child-like self-expression… I’m thinking sand tray therapy, art therapy, expressive arts therapy, simply making art and music, drawing, crafting, working with clay, writing poetry, and any activity that was meaningful to you as a child. Jung starting playing with blocks mid-life as a doctor, scientist, and scholar—this is where he cracked open and discovered his inner child and where he initiated Active Imagination, a core tenet of his practice and personal spiritual connection and transformation. So please play this month!

Also, The Emperor jumped out a couple times and was on top during several deck cuts, so the other side of the child/inner child archetype is the Father archetype (The Emperor). This may bring attention to fatherly/patriarchal energy for many this month, be it striking a balance within yourself, dealing with a child or father, or being one of the U.S.’s “children” under its patriarchy. Additionally, how you interact with friends, family, workmates, frenemies, etc. this month with regard to imposing actual or implicit “rules” onto others, being defensive, and keeping the ego in check are important to note. Get realistic about what you actually “deserve” versus what you think someone owes you. Everyone is going through major shifts and confrontations right now, so please have some compassion for them AND yourself. Working with the child archetype can quell mean dad vibes and bring in curiosity and flexibility that can be warm and inclusive during a very cold and dividing time.

To get the most out of these Horoscopes, please read them based off of your Ascendant/ Rising sign, as these are the signs that are the basis of our monthly breakdowns. Your Ascendant sign is the sign of the Zodiac which was rising on the eastern horizon at the time, date & location of our birth, and it provides us with a much more individualized view of our personal astrology. If you do not yet know your Rising Sign, feel free to find it here: Chart Drawing, Ascendant. All you will need is the closest possible time, date & location of your birth. For those not able to find an accurate Rising Sign, you can secondarily read these horoscopes by your Sun sign and thirdly by your Moon sign.

Stay tuned for the Celestial Insights blog to see what the stars have to say, along with lunar magick offerings…

Here are your tarot + astro messages. I suggest reading your rising and sun signs:



Deck Used: Thoth Deck
Card: The Sun (jumper: The Universe)

The overall energetic message for this month that you can use to expand and clarify your personal card reading is: THE SUN (The Path of Resh)

Wow, folks, you can’t make this stuff up! I actually landed on The Sun while shuffling then it was the card I cut and pulled, PLUS The Universe jumped out. The Sun is the Leo card in other decks and in the Thoth deck, depicts all zodiac symbols lit up by the rays of the sun—all of our parts and houses and the cycles we move through as our souls evolve and we work through karma. 

In the Thoth deck, The Sun is about “collecting intelligence” and the ego side of our personality/the Solar Self. These are the parts of our personality we are conscious of and link to our soul/inner Self. The twin children represent the innocence and curiosity we are invited to connect with in order to grow more wholly into freedom. It is also an invitation to use creativity and exploration for self-discovery. Being vulnerable is key. Their butterfly wings represent the transformation that occurs when the Shadow is integrated and they may now move upward.

The sun literally shines light on the shadows so we may confidently confront what needs to be integrated to become whole; the dance between what is conscious and what is unconscious. These include our fears, doubts, and shame that may have been sparked in childhood. Therefore, by engaging play (as a child naturally does—it is their language), we can reconnect fractured parts from unhealthy attachment when we were young or damaging experiences, and activate self-awareness—our Solar Self, consciousness. In this space, we can assess how we participate (or not) in our happiness. By confronting the difficult “parts” with the rays of the sun, we can overcome those obstacles, or start to, simply by being aware of them. So this card portends movement and alchemization into awakening our most radiant, pure Selves… None of us are broken, ALL of us are already whole, we just have some craggy rocks and calcified behaviors and thought patterns that must be broken and unlearned to access our inner Truth and Light. This card ushers in self-confidence and self-efficacy throughout the month. 

The Universe card as a jumper is expanding this alchemization of dark into gold/light and the True Self by acknowledging closing out karmic cycles and destroying the old universe so a new world can be reborn. You may have heard or read about “the new earth” that many spiritual folks are talking about… This goes into changing timelines, atemporality, and other really deep exploration that would take up too much space, but if interested, do some research… I think it is all relevant, especially around 8/8 when we align with our spiritual sun, Sirius. This is the final card of the deck, indicating major closures/endings that simultaneously rebirth a new way/a new world, hence the snake as a center focal point: death/rebirth, spirituality, and the ouroboros.



August start’s off with a very strong transit, as Mars, the planet of power, assertion and desire, comes into a conjunction with Uranus & the North Node at 18 degrees of Taurus. Uranus is associated with breakthrough and change, so with these two meetings on top of the point in astrology concerned with newness and new realities, we will be seeing a lot of movement and change, but also feel the volume of everything getting turned up… especially around the first half of August. For everything, it is important to stay grounded, to keep one's emotional responses in check and to stay as cool headed as possible, as Mars is amped up here.


  • 8/1 - Mars, Uranus North Node Conjunction- Taurus
  • 8/4- Mercury enters Virgo
  • 8/11- Full Moon in Aquarius
  • 8/24 - Uranus Retrograde
  • 8/27- New Moon in Virgo
  • Sun: Leo- Virgo
  • Moon: Virgo- Scorpio
  • Mercury: Leo- Libra
  • Venus: Cancer- Leo
  • Mars: Taurus- Gemini
  • Jupiter: Aries  
  • Saturn: Aquarius
  • Uranus: Taurus
  • Neptune: Pisces
  • Pluto: Capricorn
  • North/ South Nodes: Taurus & Scorpio



Tarot Card: Queen of Cups (jumper: 4 of Wands)
Your energy for August revolves around emotional connection, emotional processing, or mastering an emotional situation. This is likely to do with a femme person, mother/mother archetype, and may involve therapy (this is my therapist card!). You may be the person someone needs to lean on, and if so, this is part of your story this month: to temper the fire and enter more watery spaces, even though Cancer season was heavy… There may be unfinished business that is needing you to connect to your compassionate and empathetic side. This may have to do, again, with a mom-type person or someone you live with. The 4 of Wands indicates home and family, and on the up-side, a celebration of sorts, such as marriage or anniversary. Heed your call to give or accept emotional support this month to feel more secure at home, both metaphorically and literally! It will bring and expand joy.
Astro Snapshot:
The Month starts off with a very important astrological conjunction (meeting of planets) in your 2nd house of money, worklife, security and values. The conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the North Node marks a turning point in this department for you, and while it may not be completely understood in this moment, August’s astrology could be great for helping you to reach for new levels within your work life, or setting the stage for advancements in your personal goals. Embrace any clearing away of people or physical things in your life this month, as this conjunction in Taurus may help you to make room for something larger coming into your life, especially if it is close to home! The energy of this month is great for actively clearing clutter and making room to get a better vantage point. This month also calls you to take some time and check in with your physical body as there may be some energetic release that’s needed this month, especially if it’s around old wounds and old tensions.
Tarot Card: 6 of Wands
Taurus folks, you have been working hard at something, likely a work project or family situation, and this month you are on the other side of it! This is the success card, which can be felt as receiving support/acknowledgment from a meaningful community on the macro or micro as your family, you being the peace-maker in a situation, or simply receiving the accolades and rewards you deserve after some personally challenging times. If you don’t have a trophy on your desk yet, use this card as a boost of encouragement to stick to your tasks and goals, follow your heart/inner fire (Wands), and know that you have power and advantage on your side, even if you don’t see it yet. On a deeper level, this may be signaling your need to feel seen, and August will be that month for you… Use the energy of the The Sun to cull your confidence and set out from behind the scenes. See and be seen! Step onto whatever stage is calling your name, you won’t regret it.
Astro Snapshot: 
Last month you may have had a lot of focus on examining yourself through the world's eyes, studying yourself! Now, as Mars, Uranus and the North Node join forces in your 1st house of me, myself and I… Action and Boldness are key around what you have discovered about yourself. No matter how seemingly small this discovery may have been last month, it is a seed for something much larger in your life’s journey and therefore,this is a great month to take bold steps around yourself, self-expression and acting on your own behalf in life. You might find this August that you could be facing a dilemma of choosing yourself and your own needs over an old obligation and unbalanced relationships… the answer might seem complicated but it’s not,.. Choose you! August’s astrology points to the reality that there may be some relationship dynamic that is out of balance and if choosing yourself and your needs here is enough to be triggering, then it is time to re-examine where you stand here.


Tarot Card: Ace of Pentacles
This month, Geminis are focusing on earthly and material matters, specifically finances, work, and health. You have likely already been in this mode, and in August, a new opportunity will be offered or a routine will be initiated that can lead to major financial and physical health. This is just a seed/a potential, so you need to participate in watering and growing it, but for anyone who has been struggling, this will likely be an offer you have been waiting for. Pentacles are the “I am” suit, so this new start or opportunity has to do with your identity (also in correlation to the Collective card = The Sun, your Solar Self). This new beginning is anchored to your sense of security and stability, so be sure whatever you are allowing in or saying ‘yes’ to pings those 2nd house themes, especially around the Virgo (earth) new moon on the 27th that is highlighting your 4th house of home, family, and security. New home? New job? Pregnancy/adoption? All are possible!


Astro Snapshot:
August has a major focus for you around the idea of letting go, saying goodbye, bringing to a close and finding a graceful solution to something that has been going on for a long time. You might find this month that playing the blame game may be more harmful to yourself, so if there is for you any difficult ongoing situation that this resonates with, keep your eyes on the prize and stay dedicated to the solution that brings you mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. This is because Mars and Uranus are meeting the North Node in your 12th house, which is the house associated with releasing and saying goodbye. You may find an added flavor of self-reflection this month, you may be taking stock of what you have been up to for the last year or so, but this is extremely fertile, as out of this space, new life is getting ready to grow. The 12th house has an amazing way of filling the spaces in our life we make space in, with wisdom, growth, self-discovery and truth. This is why this house is associated with spirit quests, monastic life and introspection.    


Tarot Card: Page of Cups
Last month, you had the 4 of Cups, highlighting resistance or denial around a relationships, and I offered to “move shells.” Well, this month, if you heeded the call to face whatever truth or info you were confronted with, you are getting an unexpected surprise or information likely related to that energy or relationship from June/July. This is an exciting card saying, “expect the unexpected” and approach all situations and relationships with a child-like curiosity and creativity so you don’t miss the message. This card can often be a spiritual message or shift, and for psychic Cancers, you may be getting downloads in dreams or in liminal spaces. After all, the crab walks the shoreline between worlds! The Page is like Hermes who is a messenger and psychopomp, as well as the connection to The Fool. Together, they indicate communication and playfulness that will segue into an initiation/positive new cycle of sorts. Keep your third eyes peeled!


Astro Snapshot: 

A very strong transit in your house of growth, ambition & aspirations starts this month off for you. This brings a lot of energy towards what you might be building for the future and it may very well clear out some hidden clutter or unwanted baggage that can be weighing you down. August can be a great month to put action towards the places where your aspirations and goals are either public or where they might interact with the outside world. It calls you to bring something that has been gestating within you, out into the world.


Tarot Card: 5 of Swords (jumper: The Fool)
Leos, The Sun is the Collective card this month, very much aligning with your innate energy and solar fire, but when there is an imbalance of power/fire, we can get burned. The 5 of Swords highlights conflict in communication and ideas… Be sure you are aligning with and expressing your truth and integrity. Usually, when I pull this card, I feel I’m reading for the “victims” in the card—the ones who have been in a disagreement and are really hurt by the person who took mean jabs at them. This may be your situation, in which case, don’t match the energy of someone poking at you and saying harsh words. Walk away. But… I do feel more like you may be the ones caught off guard and have the potential to communicate in an open dispute. Think before you speak! We all get riled up, and you are only human (even if it doesn’t feel like it all the time!), and although you are Royalty of the Jungle, being a benevolent ruler is a better look. Sometimes a defeat is the humility serum we need to realign with our values AND community which will push us onto a new path that is more aligned with our soul light. Accept any defeat with integrity, keep sharp words at bay (or write them down, scream them into a pillow), and stay in your heart space/return to love. The Fool popping up can signal that doing so will bring in a new opportunity and amazing fresh start somewhere in your life.. Use the tension to get info and make decisions for long-term happiness for all.
Astro Snapshot: 
Last month had a lot of focus for you in the career sector of life, and this month adds another level to it! Taking all that you focused on in July, it’s time to add a level of materialization to all of this. As the sun moves through your 1st and 2nd house, it moves through the part of your chart that focuses on the physical, material, financial and more importantly, it focuses on SECURITY. Pay attention to what is going on, and look for the ways that August’s astrology can bring about amplification in what you were building on last month and help you to feel more secure and self assured about what you are focusing on right now.  


Tarot Card: Ace of Pentacles (jumper The Emperor)
Virgos, you had the Knight of Pentacles last month, which was advising slow and steady movement around your work life, finances, and/or health… This month, waiting paid off, as some seed of potential and opportunity is coming in and being concretely offered/initiated. When I was shuffling, I got very warm, major heart palpitations, and dizziness, which didn’t feel like it was “mine,” so you may be feeling overwhelmed, and some may be having health issues, especially around circulation. When that comes up, it seems that some heat energy needs to get out of your system. The Emperor jumping out feels connected to this for me. It’s a not-so-gentle reminder to have humility, be confident but not too cocky in how you talk about yourselves, it can rub people the wrong way and create a chasm where there could be connection; it’s the overpowering solar fire I’ve discussed in this blog and Insights connected to ego. I know this sounds weird but someone needs to hear it, it’s coming in really clear! The Emperor can be hot and fiery and often defensive, while highlighting patriarchal energy, but he also symbolizes rules and regulations to keep things orderly. Sometimes the rules need to be broken, other times, some folks need to follow implicit rules that make everyone feel seen and heard with regard to privilege. This new opportunity seems tied to some sense of releasing defensiveness tangled up with arrogance and stubbornness, like you may feel you are “too good” for it. This may be your Masculine/yang energy OR someone who is like a father or has paternal/masculine energy close to you. Geminis also got this card, so if you are in relationship with a Gemini and one of you is acting like a punishing father type and/or defensive and hotheaded—slow down and assess this dynamic. You are each others’ teachers. For others, don’t dismiss new opportunities just yet! Get all the info, take off the armor, and then feel into the possibility of what it would be like to say yes. I hope this makes sense, this was a heavy read that I’m just typing out as the conduit!
Astro Snapshot: 

A strong transit is happening this month in a very active area of your chart, the 9th house. This area of your chart focuses on your philosophy and the belief systems you have about the world and yourself. You will see this month that life will present to you some situations that will call into question certain belief systems you may have about parts of your life and ask you to put to rest some beliefs that served you in the past, but no longer have any palace in your life. You can thank Mars for this, which seeks to clear the clutter in this area of your life so that you can make room for movement that is needed. This month is all about movement for you, and this month reminds you that physical movement can get you into different modes of thinking.


Tarot Card: 9 of Pentacles
If you were able to muster that perseverance and strength in July, August is the month of receiving rewards, Libras. These are likely financial, material, and health rewards, and it is important to acknowledge that YOU earned them. This the card of self-made abundance and joy through hard work and perseverance. There is also the connection to the material world, where you are in a symbiotic relationship with your environment that is promoting good health. If this is not where you stand at the moment, then distill this info into a helpful suggestion: Connect with nature/your environment to get in balance with your body, use the resources you have and earned to achieve your success (you don’t need as much help from others as you think), and know that your hard work IS and WILL pay off soon. This card highlights prosperity, security, and stability… Enjoy what you’ve earned this month, spend some money on yourself! 


Astro Snapshot:

This month can have some tensions within it, as Mars and Uranus and the North node are doing some things in your 8th house, which can be an area of your chart that has to do with boundaries and ways you merge with others… especially around materials and intimacy. Be mindful this month of your words, but more importantly, be aware of the ways you are enforcing your boundaries. Paradoxically, you also may find this month a strong desire to meld with people even deeper. This can be sensually, financially, emotionally etc. Either way, this month is about being aware of this melding point between you and others. Also, this month will have a focus on some financial responsibilities and stuff around that.


Tarot Card: Strength
Scorpios, you are really being guided to bring awareness to your solar (Divine Masculine/expressive) energy, healthy ego, stepping into your power, and self-expression this month! The Collective card is The Sun, we’re in Leo season most of the month, and you got the Leo card, Strength. This card is about emotional and spiritual strength to overcome obstacles while getting in touch with your inner light and vitality. This can take place when we reconnect to our inner child and engage a more playful approach to life that is centered on creativity and flexibility (which can be a hard one for Scorpios, I know!). It is also asking us to be in an infinity flow with the universe… Accept what we cannot control and roll with what we can. Courage can promote self-mastery. Move out of the dark water and into the sun this month to be seen, express yourself, and name to tame your inner beasts. This major arcana card is connecting to long-term cycles and larger-than-you patterns, too! Engage your inner investigator and uncover what is hidden, especially during the full moon.


Astro Snapshot: 
If there have been areas for you where you have been dealing with some relationship stuff over these last few months, this is the month where you may be forming a solid decision on where you stand with this other person and how you wish to continue with them. You may also be seeing a focus on the ways in which you show up to the world around you and with others. These are things like your public persona and your reputation. Boldness in these areas can be extra present during this time, but be careful it doesn't go overboard. Saturn is also activated this month and helps to ground you into the decision making that is very much present this month.


Tarot Card: The Sun
Last month, you were asked to make note of anything that felt immobilizing to you—what were you clutching that needed releasing? This month, vitality, success, and growth/rebirth are coming in for you, Sag. This is a double whammy message for you because the Collective Thoth card is also the Sun. Engaging your inner solar fire, confidence, a healthy ego, and letting your personality shine forward will be medicinal for you AND others this month. I feel like you will be inspiring others to stand in their truth and express themselves. Some of you are artists, and this feels very connected to the child-like play “therapy” being offered in this card—using the language of art to express yourself and connect with others. You may be art teachers or therapists… Or that calling is being highlighted—I really feel like I need to mention this!!! If you are in the process of becoming a teacher or have been thinking about becoming a teacher: DO IT. Get the ball rolling, or keep it rollin’ this month. This teacher role is something that will clear karma or align with an important soul path/timeline for you that seems very new. This is soul work. Please explore teaching possibilities, Sag! Especially anything connected to art, spirituality, children (human or otherwise), and health/well-being.
Astro Snapshot:

August’s astrology calls you to have more longevity towards how you are thinking about your life, as there is a focus on the long term goals that are very active during this time. Pay attention this month, as life can be giving you examples of how some of your successes can look in the future. This can be through signs, through dreams, through people crossing your path… in a lot of different ways. Be aware this month to not get caught up in what can be simply something for the moment, but rather, stay focused on the long term outcome and where you want some plans right now to end up.


Tarot Card: 9 of Wands
Damn dudes, you all have had some barriers to confront and traverse over the past couple of months. Hopefully, last month you were able to identify self-imposed cages around you that were created from maladaptive (and untrue) thoughts about yourself, someone else, or a situation. Now, you are being asked to assess healthy boundaries—where they are in place and where they are needed. There is major work going on for Caps interpersonally (especially in close work relationships and family), so this is all for your benefit, even if you feel like you’ve been getting pummeled. The flip side of this card is to know that the work you are doing is transforming you for the better, and is encouraging you to stay focused on the growth transpiring versus any potential pain. Persevere through the difficult confrontations and you will see growth within yourself and your relationships shine bright. Having a Wands card and the Sun card indicates your personality and ego are highlighted, as well. As you move through these confrontations and transformations, how has your personality expanded or evolved into the truest you? What parts of you are you getting to know better? The spiritual side of this card reflects your soul growth that is expressed through your personality and how others perceive you. I would not be surprised if those close to you have noticed a positive change!


Astro Snapshot:
August’s astrology is very much about stepping outside of the norms, outside of the standards and allowing something new and spontaneous to form. Creativity, passions and exploration is big this month as Mars and Uranus meet the north node in your house of creativity, fun and passion. This is the month where to not overthink yourself. Obviously, you need to be responsible for your own actions and act like an adult, but in the ways that you can, allow yourself to explore your inner child. If you have been feeling particularly uninspired lately, August’s astrology can be really great to open the floodgates for creativity, however it requires you to engage with life playfully.


Tarot Card: Queen of Cups
Aquarius folks, Aries also got this card, so you may be in relationship with an Aries, either giving or receiving this nurturing, empathetic, emotionally-attuned energy. Whatever has been happening in your world—likely some new beginning last month with The Fool, and/or something to do with movement/transportation with The Chariot, reconnecting to your emotions to process them, or simply just feel them (something you aren’t innately inclined to do) is being highlighted. As always, I mention this is my “therapist” card, so starting psychotherapy, Jungian analysis, or counseling of some fame may help get you calibrated and re-connected to yourself. Aquarius folks often are on another planet in the most amazing ways, but sometimes you need to come back down to earth for oxygen and connection back to your body. There is a need to master and follow through (Queens) with energy held in your body connected to your emotions (Cups). Somatic therapy is HUGE for this kind of work (look up EMDR, tapping, and EFT!), and for a heady air sign that is usually thinking about others instead of themselves, this is what’s calling you loud and clear now. You need nurturing, Aquarius. Slow down, connect with your emotions and where they are held in your body, perhaps spend time with/receive nurturing from a water sign or a loving Aries person in your life, and feel alllllll the feels. Also spending time near water can help connect you to soothing energy.
Astro Snapshot:
You may find that there is a strong focus the month around stuff having to do with home, family and the home where you physically live. Your 4th house this month, has a very strong conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the north node, all squaring Saturn in your 1st house. If there are any unresolved family issues, or things that have been on the forefront around family in the last months, find ways to think outside the box around this area and find as much of a mutually beneficial solution as possible… Aquarius is great for this. Stuff from your past may come up to be addressed, and there may be things that come up from your past that Mars and Uranus would love nothing more than to say goodbye to.


Tarot Card: The Magician (jumper: The Wheel of Fortune)
Okaaaaay, Pisces! I’m hoping you all began to feel the movement away from some mental or interpersonal conflict with the 6 of Swords last month, moving you into smoother emotional waters toward the other side of conflict. In August, you are REALLY stepping into your power—both with The Sun card for the Collective and The Magician! Both of these are connected to the Solar Self/Divine Masculine, so connecting with inner masculine/yang energy that motivates you and engages confidence and expression is important for you. Leo season is inherently creative and encompasses the inner child archetype, so you can balance “grown-up” vibes with “child-like” vibes to step into the spotlight for personal growth this month. The Magician is enhancing your manifesting powers, especially around the 8/8 Lion’s Gate Portal. The Magician uses all resources they have, engaging all the elements (fire = passion/creativity, water = emotions/intuition, earth = tools/plants, air = ideas/communication) to get what they want. The Wheel of Fortune is the Jupiter card that highlights old cycles closing and fresh luck coming in. This is a rad, reading, Pisces, especially with the serendipitous timing of Leo season we are in that promotes growth, vitality, being seen, and success. These cards indicate powerful new opportunities and beginnings that you can use your resources to obtain. One of your resources is the experience of pain and whatever the 6 of Swords boatman was rowing you away from. Timing is everything, and August is an important time for you! These are not passive, introspective cards—they are asking you to be decisive, take action, and commit to your dreams. The Wheel of Fortune encourages optimism and faith that you are on the path for you highest good and luck is on your side!


Astro Snapshot:
There can be a lot of emotions coming up this month and it would be a great time this August to look at the ways in which you engage with them. This is because your ruling planet, Jupiter, begins a retrograde process in your 12th house of healing. Introspection is on the forefront for you this month, but be clear with yourself to be as caring, non-judgmental but also honest with yourself. Watch out for tendencies to be self-sabotaging when it comes to these emotions. A lot of self-discovery and healing is very present this month.





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