Spellwork Sessions: Love Magick

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Spellwork Sessions: Love Magick

Spellwork Sessions

Love Magick 


Love Spells are some the of most sought after and popular requests when it comes to magic ritual and guidance. Whether it be a return-to-me spell, attraction, fertility, or self-love; Throughout the ages nothing has as much staying power as a good ole love spell. For this reason there’s an almost infinite number of ways you can call in the frequency of love using magic (ritual, intention, and action). Each culture or tradition has it’s own methods for attracting love. As with all magic, your intention and focus is everything. Since it’s not practical for me to give multiple different love spells here I will focus on a general love spell, to which you can add or subtract at will. This spell is broken down into three parts.


1. Make a Vision Board + Written Petition: This will serve as your visual intention, and help you get a clear image of exactly what you want to manifest. Maybe you’re single and just want a sexy fling, or maybe you’re ready to attract your life partner. This doesn’t have to be about a romantic partner, though ’tis the season. Love is a vibration from which everything comes. The more you recognize and show gratitude for the love all around you, the more love you will experience. No matter your intention, use and find images that represent and reflect your true heart’s desires. Whatever you can’t find an image for, include in your written petition. The writing can look however you wish: a list, paragraph(s), poem, etc. Have fun with this process! Magic is energy so if you’re sitting there forcing yourself to do this, then maybe there’s some inner work to process about your resistance to doing the work necessary to manifest your desires.

2. Candle Magic: Use a red or pink candle. You may wish to dress the candle with herbs and oils. I suggest something simple like rose petals, lemon or orange oil, and a dash of ground cinnamon. As you do so, speak to the herbs and plant essences. They, too, are energy. Ask them with reverence to work in your favor and for the highest good of all. None of these instructions are to take away anyones freewill. If removing freewill is your intention, good luck with the aftermath, sis! You don’t have to keep the candle burning once you light it, though some people prefer to do that. I like to sit/pray with my candle whenever I am home and put it out whenever I leave until it’s completely burned out. If your candle burns “weird” that may mean that you need to do some energetic cleansing and then do this process again.

3. Ritual Bath: Add fresh roses, honey, and ground cinnamon. If you desire other herbs or oils feel free to add them (just make sure they serve your intention). This bath can be done once or consecutively for 5-7 days. If you don’t have a tub, make a mixture in a large pot and pour it over yourself. If possible don’t rinse off fully and let yourself air dry. P.S make sure your bathroom is as clean as possible before you do your bath!


In Addition: As with all magic the longer your stay focused on your intention the better. Sit with your candle and vision board daily and pray to it. Call in your spiritual court for assistance and synchronicity. Visualize your desires happening and coming to you with ease and joy. Play loving music and feel the beauty of love already flowing though you! Let go of the past blockages that you have allowed into your heart, mind, and life and let love flow. Then go out and live your life with love.


With Blessings and LOTS of Love!

- Camille







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Camille Langston is a Reiki Master teacher in Usui Shiki Ryoho technique, psychic medium, tarot reader, musician, and actor living in Los Angeles, California. Read her bio here.


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