Spellwork Sessions: Invocation of the Crescent Maiden

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Spellwork Sessions: Invocation of the Crescent Maiden

Spellwork Sundays

Invocation of the Crescent Maiden

by Sera Timms


The grass has become electric green, the rabbits multiply in Magic Squares, and the Sun has hatched from a buried Golden Egg. The fertile quest of Spring arrives once again, beckoning us to re-connect with our bodies as creative vessels of fecundity. 

March is the Month of the Vernal Equinox when we leave the long dormant days of Winter behind, and celebrate the return of the dawning Springtime Sun. This story has played out over time through the tales of Jesus’ Resurrection, Inanna’s underworld descent and subsequent Springtime return, and countless other stories illustrating the seasonal transition from a period of Winter death back to a fertile Spring of new life, hope, and rebirth. This is a time to celebrate the bounty of the sun!

Oddly enough, many of us are feeling anxious about the symbolically related Corona Virus. Let me shed some light: a "corona" in Astronomy is a crown of light around the sun when eclipsed by the moon. It’s where the word "coronation" comes from, which means “the ceremony of crowning a sovereign”. Sovereignty is about power, and do you know what weakens our personal power faster than anything? Fear. Which is the crown or corona the media has placed upon us for the time being. Fear also happens to weaken our immune system. Yes, there is a new virus, and it’s wise to take precautions not to get it. A virus is something poisonous essentially, so symbolically we have a poisonous crown weighing heavily upon our world right now. What’s important here, as magicians, ritual practitioners, witches, etc is not to lose our internal sovereignty by getting swept away in the media frenzy, and instead to focus on what we can do to keep ourselves and loved ones safe. 

During a Solar Eclipse we have an image of the magnanimous golden sun or active masculine coronating the receptive black moon or dark feminine. This is essentially an alchemical marriage of the polarized forces of light and dark. This concept connects directly to the balanced periods of day and night which occur on the March 19th Vernal Equinox and welcome the seasonal reign of the sun. The purpose of any kind of marriage is to create a new thing. The moon and sun create a crown of light, the Vernal Equinox creates Spring, a Man/He/They and a Woman/She/Them traditionally marry to create a family. The moon, equated with night and the feminine carries emotion, including fear and love. The sun, equated with day and the masculine carries creative force. When we find ourselves in the darkness of fear, it is time to coronate ourselves with light. This union leads to the verdant psycho-spiritual plane of creative consciousness- the illuminated Fertile Crescent of the Spring Maiden, where all our heartfelt dreams may truly come to life!

The word "fertile" comes from Latin "fertilis", or “bearing in abundance, fruitful, productive.” To be in a fertile state is to be in a condition of order. Think of how one plants seeds, regularly waters, fertilizes etc, in order to yield the most abundant crop. Fertility is a state from which we build, manifest, and create. The opposite state of fertility is one of entropy, a decline into disorder. When we are vulnerable to sickness it is usually because our body has fallen into a chaotic phase of entropy. So, to return to our sovereignty, our power, to crown ourselves in the light of our infinite cosmic being, is to re-discover the bountiful, healing cornucopia of the Dawn Goddess which we all carry within.

How to do this?! The key is union.

Ritualistic Inspirations 

All Rituals are most effective when performed from the open heart center, Anahata.

  • On a new moon, wake up at twilight when the day and night meet. Utilize the tools in the New & Waning Moon Kit to honor the dark feminine crone moon, while inviting the Springtime sun to illuminate the re-born Maiden Crescent Moon.
new moon kit
  • Line an Eastward facing windowsill with Manifestation & Divination Crystals. As the sun rises consider what you’d like to create in you or your life, and whisper your intentions into each crystal. Allow the sun to christen each stone to help birth the thought-seeds you are planting.
manifest kit
  • Wear flowers in your hair and spring floral prints.
  • Get a bouquet of a dozen white or pastel roses. Six of the roses will represent things you’d like to leave behind with the barren winter, and six will represent things you’d like to cultivate in the Spring. Be sure that your intentions are from a place of love in order to keep them in alignment with your highest purpose. As you designate a thought, idea, habit, dream, relationship etc into each rose, anoint the rose at the 1st leaf crossing on the stem with rose oil. Hang the roses of release upside down to dry and place the roses of creation in a vase with water. Keep them close together and imagine your new intentions blooming in place of the old outmoded things. If you have a tarot deck you may include the Lovers Card with the 6 creative roses and the Devil reversed with the dying roses. When all have completed their life cycles, dispose of them all together by throwing them away or burying them in the Earth.
rose oil
  • As the sun is setting make an offering to the fertile Dawn Maiden of Spring, and ask for her help in your spring rebirth process. Fill a Crescent Moon Brass Offering Tray with flowers, fruit, and honey. Place it in a window where it will receive the morning sunlight of dawn.
moon tray
  • Figure out if you are more of a receptive, lunar, feminine archetype or an active solar masculine archetype. We all carry the energy of both but it is very rarely equally balanced. Light an Earth Element Candle to represent your body. Invite a person of the opposite archetype of whatever you are into your life to create a fertile union. You should not specify a particular person...just leave that part up to the Universal Forces and your guides. This can be a business relationship, romantic, creative partnership, travel partner, etc. Whatever it is it will activate new creative energy in both of you.
earth element candle
  • Craft a crown that looks like a poisonous snake...you can do this with Sculpey, or draw on a piece of paper and cut it out into a crown (Think Burger King style), or simply envision this crown in your imagination. This is the crown of fear. Now take fresh flowers and cover the poisonous snake with pastel spring flowers with glue or tape. Coronate yourself with this crown of fertile growth, health, and rebirth. Close your eyes and mist your face with Honeysuckle & Jasmine Ritual Spray as you imagine your new intentions springing to life like flowers in a garden.
  • Create an altar dedicated to Spring, Rebirth and your favorite Dawn Goddess or Solar Deity. Include plants, crystals, candles, incense, mosses, fruits, and whatever else you feel called to include.
  • Re-connect with the Earth via food: Go to a Farmer’s Market for fresh local veggies, fruit, and edible flowers to include in salads and as garnishes.
  • Get an egg. Hold it up to your heart and feel joy and gratitude for all of the abundance and help you have received. Even if that just means gratitude for these instructions! When you feel joy, imagine the thing you most want to create in this life, and then imagine a seed which goes from the center of your heart, into the center of the egg with a powerful inhale into heart center and exhale into the egg. Bury the egg in the earth, and release your dream to the Universal Forces to handle.
  •  Women with fertility issues - either reproductive or abundance related - may find a reset, balance, and deeper understanding of their “fertile land” with the Fertility Ritual Kit.  All you need to do is activate the tools in the kit by lighting, smudging, anointing etc. Then simply call in your guides or Higher Self, or even calling forth an Etheric Healing Team. In a meditative state, ask these higher forces and vibratory bodies to send the messengers, guidance, and help you need to become healthy, abundant and fertile again! Watch for synchronistic messages and instructions- it usually feels something like picking up breadcrumbs. For instance you will be at the grocery store and some vitamin falls off the shelf in front of you. You must trust your intuition to receive the messages as your logic will fight them!



      Always release your expectations when completing Ritual Work. Know that “the thing” will come when you’re ready, or your guides will send you something more aligned instead. By releasing your attachment to “the thing” you free up the flow of energy around that thing, whereas when you cling to it, the inward flow stagnates because there is a fear that you may not receive what you want.




      Sera Timms of LVXTENEBRAS is Gemini twin sister, occult and esoteric lover and practitioner, musician, and wise woman from California. Read more about her here, and from her on our blog, Esoteric Insights.


      Read more on astrology, horoscopes, occultism, magick & ritual on our blog, Esoteric Insights!

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