Mercury Retrograde: Tools for Protection

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Mercury Retrograde: Tools for Protection

Three times a year, Mercury, the planet (and deity!) of travel, communication, intelligence, business, fortune, luck, and boundaries (both personal and physical), goes retrograde- a phenomenon that happens when the Earth passes Mercury in it's orbit, resulting in the appearance of the planet going "backwards" in the sky, even though the planets all continue in the same orbital direction.

What does this mean for us astrology nerds? In a nutshell, it means that all the correspondences and symbolic meanings mentioned above that represent Mercury can also act... a little backwards. Travel or business plans may get loused up. Verbal fights or misunderstandings can occur. Contracts can default or money can be spent unwisely. Technology can fail us. All these things changing at once can disrupt every day life, which is not ideal for anyone living a 21st century experience.

How do we alleviate these strange, mystical symptoms? Aside from good old fashioned patience and a forced smile, certain Earth- born tools can help us stay grounded, focussed and optimistic. Luckily us pro- witches here at JSS thought about this exact problem and concocted a special Ritual Kit that contains some of these items, so your worried mind can rest in anticipation of less- troublesome times.

Here is a snippet of what's inside:

mercury kit


First up: Gold and Black Candles. Gold is for protection, attraction, confidence, and overall joy. Black is for dispelling negativity, discord, loss, and protection.

mercury kit


Second in line are the included crystals of labradorite, obsidian, and quartz crystal. Labradorite helps enhance magic, and can be used for protection and perception. Obsidian is for grounding, protection, and cleansing. Quartz is for amplification of positivity, healing, and cleansing.

mercury kit 

Third we have lavender and white sage. Both are used for cleansing and purification, and lavender is also used for calming, protection, and peace.

mercury kit


Fourth, essential oil of lemongrass. Lemongrass is associated with Air and the planet Mercury, and is great for repelling negativity, and enhancing psychic powers.

mercury kit


Fifth, Palo Santo wood. Use this for welcoming positive spirits and ancestors, for purification and protection.

mercury kit


..and of course, instructions and handmade (and up-cycled!) feather tool. 

mercury kit


Using the tools in the kit above, the ritual should be followed as something like this: 

Setting up Your Altar

  • Find a flat, steady, clean surface that can be used to house the items in the kit, plus any additional statues, tools, or helpful items in your ritual. Try to make it a private space, if possible.
  • Set the candles and candle holders on your altar, along with your crystals, and all herbs provided in the kit.
  • Put the feather tool and instructions aside, but within reach.
  • A few extra things you will need: Matches, a fire- safe vessel such as a cauldron (you can find some items here), and a 4" x 4" piece of parchment or wax paper.

Anointing and Cleansing

  • Cleanse your space and yourself using the white sage torch. You may ignite the entire bundle using a match or candle separate from the ones intended during the ritual (anything but a lighter- we want to keep it as natural as possible), or take the bundle apart and use small chunks at at time. Walk through your space once the embers glow red, and use the feather tool to help waft the smoke in all corners, over windows and doors, and around any objects or areas that may be in need of a cleanse. Be sure to cleanse the crystals, oil, and candles included in the kit. Focus your energy on releasing the bad and welcoming the good.
  • Drop 3- 4 drops of lemongrass oil onto the black candle. Use your finger and rub the oil into the candle in a counter- clockwise direction, to indicate dispelling negativity, imbalance, and any unwanted energy.
  • Next, drop 3-4 drops of oil into the gold candle, and rub the oil from the ends of the candle, towards the center. This symbolizes bringing confidence, protection, luck, and warmth to you.

Stating Your Intention

  • Next, sit in front of your altar, and place the crystals on the altar next to the candles.
  • Take a sprig from the lavender bouquet provided, and ignite it over the candle flame. Blow it out and allow the smoke to penetrate the air. Take in its fragrance and focus on tranquility, balance, and restoration of anything thats been jostled during Mercury retrograde. If performing this ritual before retrograde, focus on maintaining the above intentions, while welcoming protection.
  • Use the feather tool to waft the lavender smoke over your crystals to infuse this intention with the crystals.
  • On the parchment paper, write down any negative thoughts, feelings, or experiences you have had, or that you want to avoid in the near future. Then, cross them out. Fold the paper three times away from you. Put it under the crystals.
  • Say out loud:
"I release all my fears and negative experiences from this Mercury Retrograde to the universe. I trust that the my guides and the great Spirit will guide and protect me, and that I will allow myself to be flexible with whatever is thrown my way. I will harness the positive aspects of Mercury to combat any negative side effects, and to strengthen my connection to this energy so that I will be stronger for it. So be it."
    At this point, you can chose to close the ritual with the below instructions, or take the above portion a step further and scry into the flames or crystals for any messages or images that may be shown to you. 
    • Finally, burn the paper using the candle flame, and put it inside a fire safe container such as a cauldron. NOTE: fire is dangerous (obviously)!! Be 100% sure the container you use is fire- safe and never leave any flame unattended.

    Closing the Ritual

    • Ignite the palo santo over the candle flame, and blow out once the wood glows red. Allow the smoke to penetrate the air around you. Walk through your space, visualize and welcome good spirits, protection, and ancient wisdom into your space. Waft the smoke using the feather tool into all corners ,over windows and doors, and over any objects necessary.
    • Ignite another piece of lavender and repeat the above, welcoming balance, tranquility, and restoration once more.
    • Carry the charged crystals with you in your pocket or bag, or leave in a common area in the house.


    Bonus: Fun Mercury Facts!

    • The Greek god Hermes was later renamed Mercury when Romans conquered around 146 BCE.
    • Other religions have a similar spiritual correspondence, one being St. Gabriel the Archangel; the Egyptian god Thoth; Lugh from pagan Celtic traditions; Enki of Sumeria/ Babylon.
    • Wednesday is the day of Mercury, so bonus points for performing the ritual on a Wednesday!


    To read more about Mercury Retrograde, check out our blogs here!

    To shop for tools to help during this period, shop our Mercury Retrograde collection here!



    mercury kit

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