Full & Waxing Moon Candle

The Full & Waxing Moon Candle is the perfect tool for the full and waxing moon, or any enticing rituals or spells. Enticing rituals are usually used when trying to welcome something into one's life such as love, good luck, peace, happiness, money etc, and can also cleanse and purify. This Ritual Candle is made with 100% American soy and beeswax, with notes of wisteria, rose, and violet. Each candle comes topped with selenite (cleansing), quartz crystal (amplification), roses (love and divination), pine needles (fortune and luck), and chamomile (love, protection, and all the things!) , and on the bottom once it is burned down you will find a quartz point for extra manifesting.

Available in a 6 ounce glass jar with wooden lid.

Never leave a candle burning unattended, and always trim wick to 1/4"


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