Palo Santo Cedar Ritual Candle with Quartz and Herbs

Our Palo Santo Candle is a great addition to your home, office, or altar space! These candles with gemstones are handmade with American soy wax and a blending of essential and fine fragrance oils. OurPalo Santo Cedar Candle is then topped with dried herbs and mini quartz crystals to enhance your intentions. These Candles with crystals inside are contained in your choice of a reusable 4oz amber or frosted glass jar, or travel tin. Burn your ritual candle pre, during, and post-meditation to help set and carry out your wishes. A wonderful gift paired with our Palo Santo Cedar Ritual Body & Linen Mist

Palo Santo & Cedar

Palo santo candle benefits are plentiful, as our palo santo candles are made from holy palo santo wood from South America. Palo santo holy wood is widely used for its unique, rich woodsy aroma as a tool in ceremonies when sealing in positivity and purification is the intention. Cedarwood has many uses- from welcoming luck and wealth, to healing, purification, and protection. This particular scent is great for all genders and is an excellent tool for beginning and ending any ceremony. Topped with quartz crystals, palo santo dust, and dried cedar tips to enhance your intention. 

Intention candles with crystals are specifically designed to bring a unique energy to your space. Each candle with crystals inside features mini quartz crystals that are known to enhance and magnify intentions and bring positivity and purification to your rituals. Whether you're using this candle with crystals for meditation or as a decorative piece, you can enjoy the positive energy it brings.

With each burn, feel the power of palo santo and cedar combined with the energy of quartz crystals. This is more than just a Palo Santo Candle, it's a tool for positivity, purification, and intention-setting.

Never leave a candle burning unattended, and always trim wick to 1/4"

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