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The MIA Project

los angeles made in america made in LA mia project


JSS is proud to announce our endorsement by The MIA Project! The MIA Project is a group of artisans, designers, and producers who, as stated on their website, "value what has steadily diminished since the Golden Era: high-quality, longlasting products, slower consumption, and American job creation within the design and manufacturing sectors."

We are happy to be a part of a group that promotes what we believe in so strongly- consuming less, and investing more. Investing in a high quality, locally made piece of clothing or jewelry will last a lifetime, compared to our current standard of "More! Faster!" and the wasteful throw-away culture it has created. I miss the days when you'd buy something and it worked for years, and when it broke down, you took it in to be repaired. Today, things are made inexpensively overseas, resulting in a lower quality standard, poor customer service, and a dent in our economy. JSS Is proudly designed and made in America, and prides ourself on helping stimulate our own economy. 

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