Yerba Santa Wand

"Yerba Santa" is the Spanish word for "holy herb" and can be used for protection and to set boundaries, to enhance growth, protect against negativity and evil, and to entice love. It is found predominantly in the southwest and western parts of North America, as well as north western parts of Mexico.

From our blog, Esoteric Insights:

"...Yerba santa has historically been used by Indigenous Californian tribes as a remedy for respiratory illnesses like asthma, or for allergies that affect the sinuses. In the late 19th and early 20th century, yerba santa was used as a natural remedy for consumptives suffering from tuberculosis. It also has a vital role to play as medicine for our natural environment; yerba santa has adapted to survive California's seasonal wildfires, and is used to revegetate land that has been harmed either by natural forces, or by man-made ecological problems, like the over-cultivation of farmland."


Sustainably harvested from private land, these yerba santa sticks measure approximately 3-4" long and roughly 1- 1.5" wide.


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