Deity Body Carvings

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Use these interesting carved torsos to represent the masculine or feminine, deities, angels, or any human- like representation.

General Specs: Mini sized bodies measure approximately 1" tall and weigh roughly 12 grams. Larger bodies measure 3" tall and weigh approximately 170 - 200 grams.


Origin: India

Variety: Quartz

Mohs Hardness: 7

Chakra: Root, Heart

Element: Earth

Magic + Metaphysics + Healing: Grounding, stability, persistence in growth. Green stones typically encourage emotional balance and temperament, and helps regulate mood swings. An excellent stone for addiction issues and for recovery of any illness. Helps achieve goals through earthly manifestations.


An essential for chakra work, grounding, and energizing.

Origin: Brazil

Variety: Quartz

Mohs Hardness: 6.5- 7

Chakra: Root and Sacral

Element: Earth 


Origin: Brazil, United States, Madagascar

Variety: Silicon dioxide

Mohs Hardness:  7

Chakra: Heart

Element: Water

Magic + Metaphysics + Healing: Used often to establish or heighten feelings of love and friendship. Helps us with releasing pain from past wounds, as well as teaches us to trust and hope. Helps heal the heart from trauma or emotional stress. Can aid in the underlying causes of other mental problems.

Magic + Metaphysics + Healing: Releases attachment to emotional and sexual trauma. Supports kundalini energy. Grounding, strength, and vitality. Strength and energy, helps recovery from illness. Helps with exercise and enhances the circulatory system.

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Please note that because of the nature of this item, each piece is different from the other. The one you receive may not be one pictured here, but will look similar.

For information regarding shipping and returns, please visit our Shop Policies page.

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