Strength & Power Crystal Kit

Channel your inner lion when in need of some extra confidence, courage, stamina, and power. Great for job interviews or career changes, difficult times, or grounding and stability.

A perfect little package containing minerals and crystal to aid in enhancing your intentions. Carry them in your pocket or bag, leave them next to your bed or in a common area, or use them as tools for meditation. 

To read more about how to use crystals, please see our blog, Crystals : 101

Strength & Power Crystal Kit contains:

  • Carnelian: confidence, courage, sexuality, endurance, overcoming hesitation.
  • Red Jasper: stability of energies, strengthens root chakra, encourages recovery & vitality.
  • Tiger Eye: practicality, strength, stamina, clarity, balance of extremes, fairness.
  • Quartz Crystal: healing, purification, cleansing, enhancement, amplification.

Every mineral in this kit is packaged inside a muslin pouch, and included is an information card on the properties of each crystal. A great gift for yourself or loved ones.


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