Tranquility & Peace Spell Jar

Spell jars can be used to house ingredients and items you've charged with your intention, or to store items for a future ritual. Use these as a tool for magick, or the raw ingredients individually in your own spells or rituals. 

Our Spell jars and ritual jars are handmade using food grade and sustainable sourced herbs, flowers, crystals and minerals traditionally associated with the listed intentions. 

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Tranquility & Peace Spell Jar

Our Tranquility & Peace Spell Jar is meant to calm anxieties, easy sleep and rest, and maintain peace. Each jar comes with the ingredients listed below:

  • Top Layer: Amethyst and quartz mix for sleep, easing emotions, and amplification of positive energy.
  • Second Layer: Cornflower for stillness, calming, devotion, and love.
  • Third Layer: Chamomile for sleep, meditation, removing negativity, money
  • Fourth Layer: Amethyst points for divine connection, purification, easing emotions and addiction 
  • Fifth Layer: Lavender for protection, sleep, purification, happiness

Available in 2 oz and mini size glass jars with cork top. Comes with stamped muslin pouch for safe keeping. A really cute gift for yourself or others!

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