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Nursery Cleansing Ritual Kit

A collaboration between J. Southern Studio and Fashion Mamas! 

Cleanse and purify the energy in your baby's nursery, either pre-baby arrival, or post toddler temper tantrum! This adorable kit comes with:

  • Lavender mini bouquet for welcoming good, calming energy (not pictured)
  • A mini 1oz version of our popular Lavender Body & Linen Ritual Spray for cribs, carpets, blankies and more
  • Hand-carved amethyst or rose quartz heart for peace, love, and pleasant sleep.a large rough crystal quartz point for amplifying positive energy
  • Battery-operated tea light candle to act as a night light for baby
  • California white sage stick for cleansing
  • Holy palo santo wood from South America for sealing in good energies and welcoming positivity
  • Turkey feather to aid in wafting the purified smoke


Every delicate article in the kit is packaged inside a pillow box, and included are detailed instructions on how to use each piece effectively. A great baby shower gift!


* Please note that because of the natural variations that make up the items in this kit, the items you receive will look similar, but not exactly, as shown. Substitutes may be added based on availability. All our natural items are sourced responsibly from it's place or people of origin.   

* Because most of our items are made to order, please allow up to 10 business days for completion of your item, and another 5 for shipping time. 

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