Juniper Wand

Juniper represents the Sun and elements of Fire, and aids with exorcism of negativity and evil, protection, and inspiring health.


From our blog, Esoteric Insights:

"Juniper has had countless uses in medicine and ritual across the world, both in ancient and modern times. The Navajo have used juniper to treat diabetes. In Renaissance-era Northern Europe, ripened juniper berries were used as treatments for asthma, sciatica, and during childbirth. Polytheistic Gaelic and Scottish rites often involved the burning of juniper, a practice called saining, to cleanse and protect the household. Juniper is an antioxidant with antimicrobial and antiseptic properties."

Sustainably wild harvested from Southern California. Burn these sticks to use it's smoke as part of your ritual or meditation. They measure approximately 4" long and 1- 1.5" wide.


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