Juniper Berries

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Juniper berries (Juniperus communes) corresponds to the masculine, the Sun, and the element of Fire. These berries, one of the earliest incenses used by Mediterranean witches, are used in spells, meditations, prayers, or rituals for purposes of protection, preventing theft and breaking hexes. Use as an offering on your altar, wear around the neck or hang above your door, or burn as an incense. This herb is not for consumption.

To burn, use this on a charcoal incense burner, which can be found here

Specs: Available in a small 1.4 ounce reusable bottle (10 grams of herbs), and a large 3.4 ounce reusable apothecary bottle (20 grams of herbs).

CAUTION: Use this product at your own risk. Never leave incense burning unattended.

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