Brass Charcoal Incense Burner

One of the most traditional ways to burn loose incense or herbs during prayer or meditation. This simple brass charcoal burner is ideal for any minimal space as it goes with any decor, and comes with a wooden coaster to protect the surface it sits on while in use. Try this with our Loose Incense to get started!

Approximately 2.5" tall by 2" wide. Imported from India. Charcoal sold separately here.

TO USE: Invert the brass screen provided so it makes a cup shape. Using tongs, light the charcoal over a flame until it is completely lit. Place the charcoal on top of the screen, and drop a small amount of herbs, resin, or incense onto it, and enjoy. Burnt herbs and incense will fall to the bottom of the vessel. Remove ashes after use.

CAUTION: Use this product at your own risk. Never leave incense burning unattended.


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