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Production Assembly Assistant

J. Southern Studio is looking for someone to help with our production and assembly. Ideally, this person would fit well in our environment, have a flexible schedule, and a solid work ethic. We are looking for someone start training immediately, working 3 to 4 half days or 1 to 2 full days a week, then transitioning to working from home.

Job Duties Include (but are not limited to):

  • Assembling simple items such as small bouquets of flowers, rolling scrolls of paper, tying knots and bows, labeling packages, pouring oils, etc. We have strict quotas that need to be met, so an individual who can focus and get to work is essential. 
  • Able to focus and work diligently in an assembly line to put products together.
  • Answer and write emails or texts from the Creative Director, sometimes (but rarely) during off- hours, and being diligent about leaving notes in the office for the Creative Director and Production Manager.

Skills Required:

  • Attention to fine detail is required.
  • Must be able to handle, hold, and work with small delicate items. Seamstresses, crafty people, and product assemblers are ideal.
  • Physical ability to move quickly and efficiently with little mistakes for high turnover. 
  • Must have efficient and trustworthy communication. 
  • Must be on time, flexible, available, and reliable.
  • Must be able to lift boxes up to 50 lbs, though most boxes weigh less than that.
  • Bonus if you appreciate meditation/ new age / metaphysical studies.


  • Working in a fun, flexible environment!
  • Being able to create items that make a difference in your community and to the business directly
  • Everything smells great in our office and you will often go home smelling like flowers or fruit!

We thrive on creative and positive energy. We love crystals, jewelry, interior design, cracking jokes, tattoos, and energy drinks, and our office is a wonderful shade of pastel salmon pink. Though we are in a super fun environment, we take our business very seriously and expect you to as well. That should tell you a lot!

To be considered please follow the instructions below. Any emails that do not follow each of these steps will not be considered. All approved applicants are subject to a trial period. Hourly rates will be discussed privately.

  • Email us at with your resume or job history, as well as professional references. These must be attached as a pdf or Word document.
  • Please answer the questions below in the body of the email.
    1. Tell me a bit about yourself- what music do you like, what do you like to do on the weekends, how long have you lived in LA, where are you from etc?
    2. Do you have any experience in arts, crafts, fashion, or mass production?
    3. Do you have experience with a production assembly line of any kind?
    4. Are you good and agile with your hands? Holding and manipulating small items?
    5. Do you have reliable transportation? What is it?
    6. What is your current work or school schedule?
    7. What times or days work best for you?
    8. What are your short- term work goals?
    9. What are your long- term work goals?
    10. What has your favorite job been and why?
    11. What experiences are you looking to gain?