A Statement from Our Founder About Covid-19

A message from our Founder and Head Witch, Jesse Southern: 

During this time of uncertainty, we here at J. Southern Studio have come to deepen our appreciation for the wellness and spiritual industries and spaces that we reside in. Although it may be challenging, we have found mental peace by placing our focus on strength and the wellness of each of us.
As you know, we make and offer positive tools for clarity; tools that can help all of us during this great collective shift. The JSS team and myself are fortunate to have abundant these spiritual items like herbs, resins, crystals, aromatherapy and more, at our disposal to aid with any mental obstacles currently facing us. We understand the value of these objects, and want to help you as much as possible, because we are in this together.
So, thru the end of March, we will be continuing our sale:  20% off discount, site-wide, on all orders over $25.  No code is necessary as all discounts will be applied at a checkout. Then, from April 3 - 15, enjoy free shipping no all orders over $50. We will also be donating a portion of our proceeds to Direct Relief to help aid those in need.
If you are in a position to take advantage of this sale by investing in tools to uplift and ground yourself, please know that you will also be supporting our team of artisans as well!
If you are financially unable to participate in the sale, you can still receive a vast amount of personal benefit from our blog “Esoteric Insights” where we have articles on meditation and ritual, astrology, and all things mystical.  At the very least, you can break from the dreary news cycle and spend some moments activating your spirit!
We trust in the universe that as our society deals with the immediate consequences of the virus that we will come together and build a better world.  We will need to dig deep to weather the ripple effects as time goes on, and once again we will be here to help with this process of fortifying the mind, body, and spirit. Now is the time to find your ground, meditate, and use this "stay at home" time to retreat within yourself and perhaps you will find something meaningful at J. Southern Studio that can support your self-care practice :)

Thank you for being here with us! We are here for YOU!

- Jesse Southern, Creative Director and Head Witch in Charge (HWIC)