Dreams & Psychic Awareness Crystal Kit

This Dreams & Psychic Awareness Crystal Kit is perfect when needing some extra encouragement from the other side while seeking spiritual guidance, clairvoyant dreams, and psychic protection. Enhance your dream state and openness to receiving information from your guides, ancestors, and any deities or angels you may work with using this powerful combination of crystals for protection.

A perfect little package of minerals containing the best crystals for psychic protection to aid in enhancing your intentions. Use these crystals for psychic abilities, as a tool for meditation, carry them in your pocket or bag, or place them near your bed or in a common area to enhance your intentions. 

The best crystals for psychic attacks and dream enhancement can promote peaceful sleep, strengthen the crown chakra, amplify prayer, and enhance energy. Crystals for dreams promote unique properties that aid in protection, psychic attunement, and spiritual connection. 

To read more about how to use crystals, please see our blog, Crystals : 101

Dreams & Psychic Awareness Crystal Kit contains:

  • Obsidian: protection, grounding, psychic attunement, cleansing negativity.
  • Amethyst: spiritual connection, enlightenment, sleep, peace, strengthens crown chakra.
  • Labradorite: magic, psychic abilities, protection, amplifies prayer, strengthens third eye chakra.
  • Quartz Crystal: healing, purification, cleansing, enhancement, amplification.

Every mineral in this psychic kit is packaged inside a muslin pouch, and included is an information card on the properties of each dream crystal. A great gift for yourself or loved ones.

Order your Dreams and Psychic Awareness Kit today to develop your psychic abilities and psychic powers, and rid yourself of negative thoughts. Shop more Ritual Kits and explore different ways to enhance your spiritual practice.

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