Crystal Ball Stands

An artful, inspiring way to display your crystal spheres! Available in multiple styles listed from left to right:

First Image, back row:

  • Palm:  Polished brass. Will hold larger spheres up to "3 - 4
  • Iron Stand, tall:  Will hold spheres 2 - 4"
  • Small Spider:  Polished brass. Can hold spheres up to 3 - 4"
First Image, front row:
  • Silver plated: plated silver metal stand with ornate detailing. Holds spheres 2-3"
  • Plastic: Holds spheres 2- 3"
  • Cherry Wood: Holds sphered 2- 4"
  • Wood, small: Holds spheres 1- 2"

 Second Image:

  • Large Spider: Polished brass. Will hold larger spheres up to 
  • Iron, short: Will hold spheres 2 - 4"
  • Palm (see above)
  • Small Spider  (see above)

 All other images showcase different spheres on the same stands

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Read more about how to use crystals on our blog, Esoteric Insights, here, and more about scrying here.


Please note that because of the nature of this item, each piece is different from the other. The one you receive may not be one pictured here, but will look similar.

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