Altar Essentials: Colored Spell Ritual Candle Set

A perfect mini ritual candle set, including everything you need for an effective spell or meditation! Each set comes with twelve (12) 3" chime spell candles (aka mini ritual candles). Add a white ceramic ritual candle holder, mini brass candle snuff, and muslin pouch to complete your candle set!
Included are these mini ritual candle colors:
  • Pink: Honor, love, morality, friendship.
  • Red: Courage, health, sexual love, strength, vigor. Associated with Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Capricorn and Tuesday
  • Orange: Adaptability, attraction, encouragement, stimulation.
  • Yellow: Attraction, charm, confidence, persuasion, protection. Associated with Virgo, Sagittarius, and Sunday
  • Green: Fertility, finance, healing, luck. Associated with Cancer and Friday
  • Light Blue: Tranquility, patience, health, understanding.
  • Blue: Changeability, depression, impulsiveness. Associated with Aquarius and Thursday
  • Purple: Ambition, business progress, power. Associated with Wednesday.
  • Light Purple: Spirituality, wisdom, clairvoyance, divination. Associated with Wednesday and Saturday.
  • Brown: Hesitation, neutrality, uncertainty, animals. Associated with Scorpio
  • Black: Confusion, discord, evil, loss, protection. Associated with Libra and Saturday
  • White: Purity, sincerity, truth, cleansing. Associated with Aries, Pisces, and Monday

A great addition to your altar set up, or a gift for a friend. Be sure to anoint your candle with an essential oil that reflects your goal or intention. You might also chose to burn traditional herbs or incense using the candle's flame to heighten your focus.


Never leave a candle burning unattended, and always trim wick to 1/4"

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