Palo Santo & Cedar Ritual Mist - For Protection, Wealth, Creativity, Healing

Indulge in the aromatherapy of our super-smell-good Palo Santo Mist, cedarwood body spray, and linen spray. This versatile mist comes in a 2oz amber glass bottle, crafted with essential oils, witch hazel, aloe vera water, and distilled quartz crystal-infused water. Use this clearing mist on yourself, your linens, in your car, or even as an air freshener! Our Rituals spray is also fantastic as a smokeless smudge tool. A wonderful gift paired with our Palo Santo Cedar Ritual Candle with Crystals


Palo Santo & Cedar

Immerse yourself in the rich woodsy aroma of holy palo santo room spray. This sacred holy wood from South America is widely recognized for its ability to seal in positivity and purification. Accompanied by cedarwood, our cedarwood oil spray welcomes luck, wealth, healing, and protection. This particular ritual body spray is perfect for all genders, making it an excellent tool for beginning and ending any ceremony. Furthermore, the aloe vera (protection/ luck) and witch hazel (protection/ chastity) in our ritual mist are both great for hydration and detoxification. Refresh your senses and your space with this soothing cedar room spray and linen mist spray.

The palo santo smudge spray Ritual Mist is made with distilled water, witch hazel, aloe vera, palo santo, and cedarwood essential oils, and complimented with quartz crystals. 

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