Palo Santo Flora Bundle with Amethyst Root

Sustainably sourced palo santo bound with lavender blossoms, cedar leaves,  mini roses, and a Brazilian amethyst root. Burn all the herbs at once, or unwrap the bundle and burn each herb individually based on your needs. Use and charge the crystal with your intentions during your ritual or meditation, then take it with you in your pocket, talisman pouch, car, or to the  office. 

  • Palo Santo (bursera graveolens) is a holy wood found native to Mexico, and Central and South America. It’s use dates back to the Inca era, and is commonly used for clearing misfortune and negative thoughts, while sealing in positive energies. Our supplier reforests with their local government and helps provide income for the local communities of the dry rainforests.
  • Rose (rosa) is a flower commonly used for love, healing, luck, protection, and psychic powers.
  • Lavender (lavendula) is used for purification, chastity, sleep, happiness, and peace.
  • Cedar (cedrus libani) leaf is great for protection, luck, purification, and fortune.
  • Amethyst: Great for meditation and sleep. It helps overcome addictive tendencies, encourages self control, and calms the nerves and harsh emotions. Facilitates a connection to our spirit guides. Balances polarities, and helps to find equilibrium in any situation.


    Large size comes with additional baby's breath to the bouquet, and a substantially larger Palo Santo stick and Amethyst root. Both bundles come with informational hangtag.


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