Mugwort Wand

Mugwort represents the feminine, the planet Venus, the element of Earth, and deities of Artemis or Diana. Use mugwort for strength, prophetic dreams and visions, general healing and cleansing, and of course protection.


From our blog, Esoteric Insights:

"Mugwort is used in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean traditional medicine, as well as South Asian Ayurvedic medicine. It has been thought to alleviate feelings of unease and fatigue for many centuries all over the world, both emotionally and physically. In ancient Rome, soldiers would place mugwort in their sandals to prevent their feet from getting tired. In Europe, during the Middle Ages, mugwort was used to ward against evil spirits. Mugwort is known today for its anti-parasitic and antiviral properties."

Sustainably wild harvested from Southern California. Burn these sticks to use it's smoke as part of your ritual or meditation. Mini's measure approximately 3" long and roughly 1- 1.5" wide. Regular/ premium grade are 4" long and 1- 1.5" wide and burn best.


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