Angel Aura Quartz Generator

Angel aura quartz is clear crystal quartz bonded with gold, platinum, or silver. These fantastic little generators are great for any collection or crystal grid. We only have a few so grab 'em while we've got em!

Origin: Quartz is found in many places including Brazil, China, and India, but aura quartz is man made by bonding metals via heat to the surface of the crystal.

Variety: Quartz

Mohs Hardness: 7

Chakra: Heart

Physical Healing Properties: Cleanses the organs and immune system. Is thought to soothe burns.

Magic + Metaphysics: Clears the aura and balances all chakras. Enhances hope and optimism, and divine connection through meditation. Heals trauma and welcomes love.

Specs: Each point is a polished and faceted piece with their own unique inclusions, cuts, and coloring. 

  • Size small is about 1- 1.5" tall
  • Medium is 1.5- 2" tall
  • Large is 2-3" tall

Clean in warm sea-salted water, and charge in a bowl of quartz or in the sun.

Please note that because of the nature of this item, each piece is different from the other. The one you receive may not be one pictured here, but will look similar.

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