Himalayan Salt Lamp

Did you know that "Himalayan Rock Salt" is actually Halite? Halite is a natural rock formation that forms from the evaporation of salt water, and is called "Himalayan Salt" because it is typically mined in Pakastan, about 200 miles from the Himalayan mountains.

Halite is a wonderful stone for clearing negativity and balancing energies, and enhancing self- love. It is great for both the heart and solar plexus chakras, and harmonizes well with other heart chakra stones such as morganite and rose quartz. Additionally, Himalayan Salt lamps are known to physically cleanse indoor air of harmful pollutants and electromagnetic emissions. It also looks really beautiful when illuminated!

  • Small Halite Salt Lamps are about 3 pounds each, and measure about 4-5" tall. These have a usb connection.
  • Medium Halite Salt Lamps are about 3- 4 pounds each, and measure about 6- 8" tall.

They glow beautifully and are great for the home or office. Whats different about our lamps is that each lamp comes with bulb and a plug in cord that has an extra cool dimming feature! We only have a few of these so scoop them up while you can!

*To cleanse and charge your lamp try using our Cleansing and Renewal Mist on it!

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