Censer and Hanging Incense Burner

Censers have been used by various cultures for centuries to burn incense and herbs during ritual and ceremony. This brass censer comes adorned with mother of pearl, and small star shaped holes that allow airflow for the best incense burn. Hang this from your ceiling, or swing gently back and forth during prayer or meditation. 

This censer is approximately 4" tall with a 10"- 12" chain.  Imported from India. Charcoal sold separately here.

See our Herbs & Incense section for ideas on what to burn.

CAUTION: Use sand in the vessel to prevent the transference of heat from the charcoal to the brass while in use, and be sure to keep the censer on a wooden or ceramic coaster if you chose to place it on a surface while in use. Do not swing forcefully, instead find a place to hang while burning incense. Use this product  at your own risk.


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