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Orthoceras Mortar and Pestle

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The Orthoceras is an extinct sea creature, and its fossils are abundant in the Baltic Sea and Sweden. Look closely and you can see the remnants of this prehistoric creature- nearly 400 million years old! Use this tool to ground various herbs and resins for incense, teas, candle dressings, and more!


Location: Baltic Sea, Sweden

Chakra: Base, Solar Plexus

Element: Storm, Earth

Zodiac Signs: Capricorn, Virgo

Metaphysics: Transition, personal growth, shedding the old and making room for the new. Is also sometimes used for protection. Perfect for magical workings, meditation, or prayer.

Specs: Approximately 4-5" tall by 3- 3.5" wide. Imported from Morrocco. 


TO USE: Select the herbs, resins or other material of your choice. Use the stick to grind the material in a circular motion until the desired texture or powder is formed.


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