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Resources to Support Black & BIPOC Communities

We stand in solidarity with those who face racism and injustice!
Please use these links and resources below to support Black/ BIPOC communities, artists, healers, and more. Likewise, feel free to email to make suggestions for this list.

Selfcare & Wellness for Black People

The Foundation for Black Women's Wellness. A foundation aimed to help the quality of life for Black women. You can also find COID19 resources here. A Brooklyn-based healing space based on holistic health and wellness. Offering online classes and workshops.

Dive In Well. A wellness platform that focuses on inclusivity and diversity in the vast wellness industry. Here, you can find resources, as well as online classes and workshops. 

Further Reading: This is a great resource for Black yogis / Black yoga Self Care Tips for our Black Friends Dealing with Trauma from the Movement

Additionally, please see blogs and articles written for us by Camille Langston, of Reiki Medicine Goddess.

Mental Health Resources

Therapy for Black Girls. A Facebook group and podcast dedicated to giving a safe space for Black women to discuss life obstacles and more.

Inclusive Therapists. Find a therapist thats right for you in your local community, taking into consideration financial and language barriers, prejudice, and other micro aggressions.

Sista Afya. A mental wellness community focused on bringing together all Black women from the diaspora to support each other through connection and resource sharing.


Where to Donate

American Civil Liberties Union: ACLU. 

Black Lives Matter.

Black Earth Farms. A Pan African and Pan Indigenous farm in the Bay Area, growing and delivering food to POC in need.


Support Black Owned Businesses in Your Area A website to help you find black- owned businesses in your area.

I Am Black Business. A black- owned business directory.

Official Black Wallstreet. A app- based directory for black- owned businesses.

We Buy Black. An Online marketplace for black- owned businesses and brands. shop directly online!

EatOkra. An app-based directory featuring black-owned restaurants you can find near you.


Virtual Events

Fashion Mamas. An inclusive group for mothers in the fashion industry. Join their virtual Black Mama Market.

CNN & Sesame Street Virtual Town Hall on Racism. For children, parents, and anyone in need of a gentle approach to the movement.


BIPOC & Indigenous Efforts

Native Arts & Cultures Foundation. A non profit geared towards helping progress the Native American arts.

Indigenous Peoples Movement. Working towards equality and justice for indigenous peoples facing inequality all over the world.