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About Us

J. Southern Studio is a Los Angeles based design house that creates specialized objects, inspired by the desire to reveal the energies around us. Using the lost wax casting method and traditional metal fabrication practices, each piece of jewelry is hand-sculpted from wax or molded from natural objects, then cast in various metals which, in the end, produce a sturdy and substantial piece of adornment. Not for the faint of heart, each piece of J. Southern jewelry will sustain itself for generations, paving the way for memories and stories for those who come after us. Modern, mystical, unique and timeless, these are pieces that are both relevant and versatile- pieces that continuously inspire our individuality and path through life. 

Created in 2014, our Wellness + Ritual collection is one that, through ceremony and ritual, celebrates the earth and our ancient past. Inspired by crystal healing philosophies, candle magic practices, traditional smoke medicine and smudging, and the use of natural plant-based oils, each ritual kit, candle, oil, mist, and earth-born mineral help uncover to us our truths and desires, and teach how to manifest through them.

Everything JSS creates is made by hand and with love in our downtown Los Angeles workshop. Because we are a very small business, please note that many orders are made-to-order and can take a few weeks to finish. Please see our shop policies page for more details.

For wholesale and custom orders, as well as questions and comments, please email info@jsouthernstudio.com. 


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