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Magical Mineral Smokers, Lapis Lazuli

Our Magical Mineral Smokers are a gorgeous and fun addition to any rockhound and/or smokers collection. Use these crystal pipes for the ritual smoke of your choice, while honing in on your intention. Choosing the crystal that you are first attracted to generally signifies that that mineral is the one you need most. Each smoker comes with an extra screen.



Lapis Lazuli is an opaque blue stone, usually peppered with pyrite and other minerals. Lapis has been used for spiritual and decorative purposes for thousands of years. 

Origin: Afghanistan, Russia, Chile, Italy, Mongolia

Variety: Sodium Aluminum Silicate

Mohs Hardness:  5

Chakra: Throat, Thrid Eye

Element: Wind

Physical Healing Properties: Helps maintain the throat and vocal chords. Aids with menstrual cramps and circulation.

Magic + Metaphysics: Used often to deepen meditation, enhance self awareness and communication, revel truths and higher levels of knowledge.

Specs: Each pipe is carved from a mineral deposit found in the Earth, therefore each one will be different than the one shown. Sizes may vary from 4 -5” long. 


Please note that because of the nature of this item, each piece is different from the other. The one you receive may not be one pictured here, but will look similar.


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