Tjärved Smoke Sticks

Loosely translated to "fat wood," Tjärved smoke wands are traditionally used in Nordic and Scandinavian folk magick rituals as kindling to spark a long- lasting flame that, when put out, releases a rich, woodsy aromatic fragrance.

Fire is almost always a component of magick and ritual, and because these wands act as a vehicle for both elements of fire (the flame) and air (smoke), they are a fabulous tool for for cleaning, consecrating, protecting, and purifying yourself, space, or loved ones.

A wonderful way to get in touch with y/our Scandinavian or European pagan roots. Also a great substitute for Palo Santo.

Simply ignite over a candle's flame, allow the embers to glow red, and blow out when you feel appropriate. You may also use this tool simply for the use of fire to ignite intentions or candles etc. Please note this tool does not smoke as much as Palo Santo, and is a bit more resinous.

Sustainably harvested in America.


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