Water Element Crystal Kit

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The elemental crystal collection helps utilize the full benefits of each element: find balance by seeking out crystals to strengthen the characteristics you may be lacking, or for those in need of strengthening. You may also use these crystals to enhance your sun, rising, moon, or any other sign in your natal chart.


  • Intention: compassion, spirituality, relatability
  • Sun Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water Crystal Kit contains:

  • Rose Quartz: emotional healing, stress release, love, energy, divine unity.
  • Green Calcite: emotional balance, relaxation, strengthens heart chakra, & rejuvenation.
  • Amazonite: truth, communication, harmony, to receive higher knowledge.
  • Quartz Crystal: healing, purification, cleansing, enhancement, amplification.

    A perfect little package containing minerals and crystal to aid in enhancing your intentions. Carry them in your pocket or bag, leave them next to your bed or in a common area, or use them as tools for meditation. 

      Every mineral in this kit is packaged inside a muslin pouch, and included is an information card on the properties of each crystal. A great gift for yourself or loved ones.

      To read more about how to use crystals, please see our blog, Crystals : 101


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