Pentacle Mortar and Pestle

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Weighing in at 3 pounds, this contemporary and hefty soapstone piece will be a substantial addition to your altar space or practice. Square in shape with a rounded bowl, and finished in black with added brass pentacle detail.

Soapstone is a type of metamorphic rock composed of magnesium rich talc. Each piece will have parts that are unique in form, color, and markings. Use this tool to ground various herbs and resins for incense, teas, candle dressings, and more! 


Chakra: Root, Heart, Crown

Element: Wind

Metaphysics: Enhances positivity, calming, balance, and soothes

Specs: Approximately 2.5" tall by 4" wide. Imported from India.


TO USE: Select the herbs, resins or other material of your choice. Use the stick to grind the material in a circular motion until the desired texture or powder is formed.


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