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Ritual Kits: A "How To" Guide

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Do you get confused when you hear all that esoteric mumbo jumbo about your favorite metaphysical objects? We've simplified the entire process with our Ritual Kits and have created this instructional video as a "How To" guide for your own practice!

Our philosophy behind our handmade products is to "help people help themselves". We've designed our Ritual Kits as a tool to do just that- crystals, essential oils, and burnable herbs to alleviate anxiety and to help one meditate. This handy little video sums up our practice perfectly, and adds a little fun to what many find daunting or intimidating.

Starring Janeva Zentz
Directed and Edited by Adam Papagan at Dromebox Labs
Written and Styled by J Southern Studio
Featuring Floss Gloss professional Nail Lacquer in "Party Bruise"

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