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Spellwork Sundays: Combating the Evil Eye, July 6th 2019

July 02, 2019

Spellwork Sundays: Combating the Evil Eye, July 6th 2019

Evil Eye print by Katie Souders

Spellwork Sundays 

Combatting "The Evil Eye"

July 6th, 2019


Hey all! For this edition of Spellwork Sunday I wanted to talk about one of the oldest spells, curses, and hexes in the book: The Evil Eye. The evil eye refers to the negative energies sent from one person to another, harming them simply with their gaze. While the Evil Eye is often non-intentional, the effects of this energy usually result in sudden disasters, sickness, or tragedy when previously everything was seemingly normal. To avoid the Evil Eye, be sure not to boast or brag about personal gains or goals, and be sure to protect yourself with talismans, amulets, and other objects.

The evil eye was first recorded by the people of Mesopotamia about 5,000 years ago in cuneiform on clay tablets, but may have originated as early as the Upper Paleolithic age. It was believed that this eye saw all the wickedness in the world. When Horus, the Egyptian god of the sky, opened his eyes, the world was enlightened. When he closed them, it became dark. From Egypt, the eye talisman spread throughout Europe, the Middle East and the Mediterranean. It is even mentioned in the Bible. The concept of the Evil Eye can be found across many languages and cultures:

  • Arabic as the word "Al-‘Ayn"
  • Spanish "Mal de Ojo" or "El Ojo", the bad eye or just the eye
  • Hebrew it is called "Ayin Ha'ra"
  • Italian it is "Mal Occhio", or the bad eye.
eye of horus
Eye of Horus can be used for protection


    Today we are going to focus on one way of banishing the evil eye using an unborn egg, preferred to be of a black hen, but not mandatory. Please note that this ritual will involve two people- the one to be cleansed, and the one doing the cleansing. You may do it to yourself by yourself, but for best results two people is ideal. 

    Time / Planetary Hours:

    • A spell combating the Evil Eye can be done without being strained by any time or planetary hour in particular, so you may do this any time of your choosing. You may plan this around Tuesday, the day for spell-workings against curses, or if there is a particular deity you work with, you can also do this around the day you work with them the most.

    Altar Decor Setup & Suggestions

    You can create a simple altar for this, or make it as lavish as you want. Whatever holds importance for your spell is up to you!

    • A fresh, uncooked, cold egg. Any egg from the grocery store is fine as long as it meets these requirements.
    • A glass of spring or filtered water.
    • Any symbol from your preferred faith: a cross, rosary, Eye of Ra / Horus or other symbol.
    • Frankincense incense, as this is used for protection, banishing, and divination.
    • A white candle for cleansing and healing.
    • Optional: A banishing or cleansing water. Try these from our ritual shop.
    Simple Steps & Procedures
      • Place the items on your altar. Light the candle using a match. Then light the incense, preferably using the candle's flame.
      • Call any spirits or deities you work with, asking them to aid you in protection, or removing of this curse.
      • If you are the one doing the cleansing, take the egg in your hands. If you are the one being cleansed, have your partner hold the egg. At this time, you may choose to use a Cleansing or Banishing Mist on the egg and person, asking the deities and spirits for protection during your ritual.
      • Next, beginning from the crown of the head and moving in a downward motion, hover the egg over the person’s body while uttering a mantra for the removal of all negativity, curses, or illnesses.
      • Move the egg over the entirety of the persons body, making sure not to let the egg come into contact with the physical body unless there is illness involved. In this is the case, the egg should only tough the area affected by sickness. Be sure to cover both sides of the hands and feet, as well as groin area. The goal is to cover the entire body with the egg, as the egg acts as a vacuum or sponge that will absorb all negative energies placed on the person.
      • Feel free to repeat the process as many times as needed until the person or energy feels cleaned. Three times is a good estimate. Be sure to only use downward motions.
      • Once this part of the process is complete, next, you will break the egg into the glass of water. Let the egg sit undisturbed in the water for a few minutes then analyze the egg as follows:
          • If small bubbles have formed, this is usually a sign that there was some kind of attack or at least some form of negativity, but your protector spirits dealt with it for you.
          • If the egg white has formed a webbing pattern or mesh, it means there is something entrapping you, holding you back and stopping your progress.  You may need to do a full uncrossing and/or road-opening.
          • If you see blood on the egg or in the water, it is usually a sign of evil magic used against you.
          • If the water is murky and has blood spots in it, it is usually a sign of evil magic and bad luck.
          • If the water is murky but has no blood in it and no bad odor then it may indicate you have experienced soul loss. You need a shaman to retrieve the lost pieces and give you further instructions for healing. Alternatively, it may indicate damage to your energy bodies which will also require the help of a professional to heal.
          • If there are black spots -especially if combined with blood- then this is an indication of strong evil magic. You need a full uncrossing and may need to consult a professional to fully diagnose the situation and prescribe a solution tailored specifically to what you’re dealing with.
          • If the water smells bad -especially in combination with blood and/or black spots- then it is an indication of strong evil magic used against you (same advice as above).
          • If you can see the shape of a face on the egg yolk, this is usually the face of an enemy.
          • The egg should sink directly to the bottom and stay there. If it floating instead then it is a sign that there is something going on and you will probably need a full uncrossing and/or to consult a professional to look into the situation and prescribe a specific magical treatment.
          • If the egg is half-sinking and half-floating then it is a sign of a smaller problem or threat that is still in development and is easier to remove.

      Once you’re done, you need to dispose of the egg properly. You can bury it in dirt or at a crossroads, asking for the negative energies and/or illness to be taken away from you. Or, you can flush it away in the toilet! 

      We recommend further protecting yourself after doing this ritual by hanging an Eye of Horus, or Mediterranean style Evil Eye amulet above the door. You may also poke nine iron nails into a lemon, and hang it from a red string above your door.

      That’s it, you have done an egg cleansing! Always thank your deities or any form or entity that may have provided assistance with you on this.


      evil eye turkish

      A Turkish Evil Eye amulet 


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      Pogo of J Southern Studio is a Brujx living in Los Angeles, California who has been practicing various forms of divination, healing and spellwork for a greater part of the last decade. Their abilities and intuition come from a bloodline of healers that they walk in gratitude with daily. Read their bio here.


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